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How do I download Adobe Reader on my computer?

How do I download Adobe Reader on my computer?

Steps Download Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download the Software by clicking on the Download Button. Go to the directory, where your downloaded Installation file has been kept, usually Desktop. Double-Click the Installation File. Let the Setup File install Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer. Restart your computer. Start Using the software.

How do I make Adobe Reader my “default” reader?

Scroll down the pop-up menu and click “Open With.”. A new pop-up window launches. Select “Adobe Reader” from the programs list in the window. Click the “Always use the selected program to open this kind of file” check box. Click “OK” to save the changes and make Adobe Reader the default PDF reader.

What is the best replacement for Adobe Reader?

3. PDF X-Change Editor. PDF Exchange Editor is yet another excellent choice as an Adobe Reader replacement. It comes in both paid and free avatars, and while the paid versions offer premium features, the free version is also fairly feature-packed when compared to some of the other programs in the market.

Is Adobe Reader installed on my computer?

Click the “Start” button to display the Start menu. Type “Adobe” in the Search field, and then look in the list of search results for “Adobe Reader.”. If this is present, Adobe Reader is installed on your computer.

Is there a free version of Adobe Reader?

Adobe Systems, the creator of the PDF file format, has a free PDF reader called Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.

Should I install Adobe Reader if I have Adobe Acrobat?

Acrobat has a proper superset of Reader features. Thus for normal users, there is no good reason to have Reader installed if you have Acrobat installed. And you certainly don’t and shouldn’t mix and match Acrobat versions. That is really looking for trouble.

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