What is the abbreviation of yo?

What is the abbreviation of yo?

Acronym Definition
YO York (postcode, United Kingdom)
YO Year Old
YO Yarn Over (knitting)
YO Years Old

What are some common abbreviations that medical professionals use?

Common Medical Abbreviations List Center

  • ANED: Alive no evidence of disease.
  • ARF: Acute renal (kidney) failure.
  • cap: Capsule.
  • CPAP: Continuous positive airway pressure.
  • DJD: Degenerative joint disease.
  • DM: Diabetes mellitus.
  • HA: Headache.
  • IBD: Inflammatory bowel disease.

What is SG prescription?

SG. specific gravity (in urinanalysis)

What does yo mean from a guy?

Yo is an interjection that is used for getting someone’s attention, greeting someone, or expressing strong feelings. Yo is also used to mean “here” or “present,” as in response to a roll call. Yo is a very flexible interjection that is used similarly to hey.

Is Yo a real word?

Yo /ˈjoʊ/ is a slang interjection, commonly associated with North American English. It was popularized by the Italian-American community in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the 1940s.

How do you memorize medical abbreviations?

You can memorize a group of similar or related medical terms by creating acronyms. Just take one letter of each word and form a single new word or a phrase. Creating acronyms yourself takes a little bit of imagination and creativity, but it’s extremely effective.

What does SG mean?

Meaning Sounds good
Type Acronym
Rank ★ ★ ★ Common
Usage Online Only (chat, messaging, e-mail)
Comments SG is a quick way to say you agree with what someone else said. It’s often used to confirm future plans.

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