How do I contact the mayor of Shelby County?

How do I contact the mayor of Shelby County?

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  1. Lee Harris. Shelby County Mayor. Email.
  2. Mayor’s Office. Physical Address View Map. 160 N. Main. 11th Floor. Memphis, TN 38103. 160 N. Main 11th Floor Memphis TN 38103. Directions. Fax: (901) 222-2005. Hours. Monday – Friday. 8:00 am – 4:30 pm. Directory.

Who is the mayor of Memphis TN?

Jim StricklandSince 2016

Is Mayor Jim Strickland a Republican?

Democratic Party
Jim Strickland/Parties

How do I file a complaint against Memphis?

Concerned citizens are encouraged to telephone the Mayor’s Citizen Service Center at 901-636-6500 to file a complaint.

What is the racial makeup of Shelby County TN?

The racial makeup of the county was: 52.10% African American. 40.60% Caucasian. 5.60% Hispanic or Latino of any race.

Does Memphis have 2 mayors?

Memphis, Tennessee is governed by a mayor and thirteen city council members. Since 1995, as a result of a legal challenge, all council members are elected from nine geographic districts. Seven are single-member districts and two have three representatives each.

Is Memphis a Democrat ran City?

Congressional representation. The city of Memphis is split between two congressional districts. The western three-fourths of the city, including downtown, is within the Ninth Congressional District, which has been represented by Democrat Steve Cohen since 2007.

Who is the mayor of Nashville?

John CooperSince 2019

John Cooper is the ninth mayor of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County. Born in Nashville and raised in Shelbyville, John served as an At-Large Member of Metro Council from 2015 to 2019.

Who are the Memphis City Council members?

The city is governed by Mayor Jim Strickland and the thirteen city council members….Current Membership.

District Member Took Office
1 Rhonda Logan 2020
2 Frank Colvett, Jr. 2016
3 Patrice Robinson 2016
4 Jamita Swearengen 2020

How do I recycle in Memphis?


  1. Follow recycling guide for a list of recyclable materials. No sorting necessary.
  2. Break down boxes and rigid containers.
  3. Empty all bottles and cans – labels are OK and rinsing is optional.
  4. Remove and discard shrink wrap from other recyclable material.

Who is the mayor of Tennessee?

Pro-Trump Pro-Wrestler Kane is Now the Mayor of Tennessee Town. This is exactly what we need. More random right-wing celebrities who have no history of involvement with politics seizing positions of power based on goofy name recognition.

What is Memphis, TN like?

Memphis is like a big city with big city problems, but it’s feel and attitude is much more small town. Memphis has its share of problems as well as many good points. It’s an interesting vibrant town with a good arts scene. If you have school age kids, you need to choose wisely where you live.

How is the city of Memphis, TN?

Memphis is the largest city in Tennessee and the 25th-largest city in the United States in terms of population, and at 324 square miles is among the largest in the United States in terms of land area. The mayor is elected to four-year terms with a limit of two terms. The current mayor is Jim Strickland, elected in 2015. The mayor provides leadership and operational guidelines to all divisions within City government and has sole contracting authority for the City.

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