What are the roles of cooperative society?

What are the roles of cooperative society?

The main purpose of a Co-operative Society is to provide service to its members. For example, in a Consumer Co-operative Store, goods are sold to its members at a reasonable price by retaining a small margin of profit. It also provides better quality goods to its members and the general public.

What are the functions of cooperative society in Nigeria?

  • What is a Cooperative Society.
  • To provide goods and services at affordable prices.
  • They aim to eliminate middlemen.
  • Prevent the exploitation of the weaker members of society.
  • To protect the rights of people as both producers and consumers.
  • Contribute to a more sustainable food system.

What are the roles and functions of co-operative societies?

1) They aim to provide goods and services. 2) They aim to eliminate the unnecessary profits of middlemen in trade and commerce. 3) They seek to prevent the exploitation of the weaker members of society. 4) They aim to protect the rights of people both as producers and consumers.

What contribution can cooperatives make towards the development of Nigeria?

According to Wikipedia (2006) and Levin (2002) it is estimated that cooperatives employ more than 100 million men and women worldwide. In Nigeria, cooperatives can provide locally needed services, employment, circulate money locally and contribute to a sense of community or social cohesion (Dogarawa, 2010).

What is the main purpose of cooperative?

The purpose of a cooperative is to realize the economic, cultural and social needs of the organization’s members and its surrounding community. Cooperatives often have a strong commitment to their community and a focus on strengthening the community they exist in or serve.

What is the role of cooperative in community development?

With the adoption of cooperatives, people in the rural communities managed to generate employment, boost food production, empower the marginalised, especially women, and promote social cohesion and integration, thereby improving their livelihoods and reducing poverty.

What is the main goal of cooperative?

What is the main aim of cooperative movement?

Objectives, Advantages Co-operative Society The purpose behind a cooperative society is to provide goods and services to the consumers at a reasonable cost with the aim to encourage them towards productivity, savings, investments and equal distribution of surplus.

What are the aims and objectives of cooperative society?

A co-operative society is a voluntary association of individuals having common needs who join hands for the achievement of common economic interest. Its aim is to serve the interest of the poorer sections of society through the principle of self-help and mutual help.

What is the importance of cooperatives?

Worker co-ops promote collaborative entrepreneurship and economic growth. Cooperatives reduce individual risk in much-needed business ventures and create a culture of shared productivity, decision-making and creative problem-solving.

What is the contribution of cooperative to the community?

Co-ops directly answer community needs, adjusted to local concerns. They are anchors that distribute, recycle and multiply local expertise, resources and capital. Autonomous cooperatives reach the poorest people in the community, offering upward mobility and basic infrastructure ignored by large businesses.

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