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Is Honda Elysion a good car?

Is Honda Elysion a good car?

The interior of the Honda Elysion is very comfortable, roomy for rear passengers as well as front passenger. Every material that has been used in the interior of the car is very premium quality with durable material.

Is Toyota Estima good?

The Toyota Estima is a safe and reliable people mover. There are few better vehicle choices for a large family. People movers like the Estima offer more space, more comfortable seating and additional luggage space than SUVs.

What is a Honda Elysion?

The Honda Elysion (Japanese: ja:ホンダ・エリシオン) is a minivan with seven or eight seats that was initially sold only in Japan as a competitor to the Toyota Alphard and the Nissan Elgrand. Honda was inspired to name the vehicle the “Elysion” from the classical Greek word Elysium, or heaven.

Why was the Estima discontinued?

Its popularity was also waning as most buyers prefer opting for the more luxurious Alphard/Vellfire. The Estima only remained on sale in Japan but with monthly sales barely reaching 800 units, Toyota decided that it’s time to end the iconic egg-van.

How heavy is a Toyota Estima?

1740 kg

Kerb Weight: 1740 kg
Length: 4795 mm
Height: 1730 mm
Width: 1790 mm

Is Estima a luxury car?

Toyota Estima AERAS – This is a luxury grade that comes with the 2AZ-FE engine 2.4-liter or 2GR-FE V6 3.4-liter engine, body kit, 7 or 8 seaters, Automatic AC, Smart Start, DVD/Radio Player, 18-Inch alloy rims, electrically adjustable driver’s seat, digital speedometer, multifunction steering wheel and xenon headlamps …

How long is a Toyota Estima?

4.75 – 4.82m
Toyota Estima: Basic Specifications

length 4.75 – 4.82m height 1.73 – 1.895m width 1.82 – 1.82m
Maximum power 135 – 280ps
Drive Type AWD/FF/FR
Engine Capacity 2,362 – 3,456cc
Number of Seats 7 – 8

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