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What kind of car was the 1987 corvette?

What kind of car was the 1987 corvette?

Here we have a beautiful 1987 Corvette finished in medium Metallic Blue with blue leather interior 1987 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible Mention the name Corvette and immediately someone in Gateway Classic Cars is proud to present this 1987 Chevrolet Corvette.

Where is the catalytic converter on a 1987 corvette?

To exhale, stainless steel headers carry waste from the engine to a dual exhaust system carefully engineered to fit the undercarriage configuration. The fact that the catalytic converter tucks up under the drive-shaft channel beam contributes to the low cowl and hood line of the car.

What is the top speed of a corvette?

When installed, it allowed the Corvette to reach a top speed of 177.9 miles per hour with .60 overdrive gearing. Unfortunately for most consumers, the Twin-Turbo Engine package included a steep price tag of an additional $19,995 (over the base price of the Corvette), putting it well out of reach for many Corvette consumers.

When did the Corvette convertible come out in the US?

The return of the Corvette Convertible in 1986 had represented the first re-uniting of the coupe and the convertible (offered in the same model year) in more than a decade. Despite less than stellar sales numbers in its first year, the return of the convertible option was well received by critics and Corvette enthusiasts alike.

What was the first horsepower of a corvette?

Power Teams: To be the engine of a Corvette has always meant living up to high-performance aspirations. Of course, the definition of performance has changed markedly over the years – from the first three-carburetor six-cylinder of 1953, through the original V8 of 1955, and on through a series of horsepower behemoths, culminating the 454.

What’s the name of the first white Corvette?

7. 1988 Corvette Commemorative Edition. The first 1953 Corvettes were all painted Polo White, so when it came time to celebrate the car’s 35th anniversary, someone at GM decided a special white version of the C4 Corvette coupe was in order. Glaringly, blazingly, blindingly white.

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