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What is Two Stage Dialing?

What is Two Stage Dialing?

Two Stage Dialing. When a voice call comes into the Cisco IOS router/gateway, the voice port on the router is seized inbound by a PBX or CO switch. This means the router/gateway attempts to match a dial-peer after each digit is received. This process is called two stage dialing.

How do I dial Iridium?

To call an Iridium GO! phone from the United States, dial 011, then Iridium’s country code of 881, then the – digit Iridium phone number. Note that 881 is the country code for all Iridium phones.

What is Iridium2 Stage Dialing?

Iridium 2 Stage Dialing is a dialing process that requires a caller to dial the Iridium Gateway (a single US local number). Once connected, the caller follows the instructions and then dials the satellite number they wish to connect to.

What is2 Stage Dialing?

Two-Stage Dialing enables you to use certain UCx/iPBX features, such as Speed Dial and Account/Authorization Codes, from your mobile phone or PSTN land line. When this service is on, you are prompted for additional digits when you receive a call on your phone number.

What is my Iridium phone number?

The Iridium phone number looks like this: 8816 234 12345 and IsatPhone numbers will look like this: 870 776 12345, this is the full phone number. Keep in mind that the example pictures below have the last two digits edited out.

How do you reset Iridium?

How do I perform a factory reset on Iridium?

  1. Press and hold the ON footswitch while connecting power to the pedal.
  2. Once both LEDs flash, release the footswitch.
  3. Sweep the MIDDLE knob from 0% to 100% twice to RESET; status on both LEDs.

How do I unblock my Iridium satellite phone?

If the PIN-code of an Iridium SIM is entered incorrectly three times in a row, the Iridium phone will automatically block the SIM-card. To unblock the SIM-card, turn on the phone, enter **05* and press the green button. When prompted, enter the eight-digit PUK1 code and press the green button.

How do you update Iridium?

How can I update the firmware on Iridium?

  1. Run the applications with your powered Iridium connected to your computer with the included USB-mini cable via the USB-mini jack on the back of the pedal.
  2. Click on the ‘Check for Updates’ button to verify if a new firmware version is available.

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