How many photos can I upload to 500px?

How many photos can I upload to 500px?

Basic users are entitled to 7 uploads within a 7 day period. It is important to remember that the uploading algorithm is based on rolling uploads.

Why do my tinder photos fail to upload?

Sometimes the simplest way to solve this error is by clearing the cache files on Tinder. After that launch the Tinder app. Log in to your account, and try to update your profile picture again.

How do I upload photos to 500px?

Photos must be uploaded and submitted to 500px pass a content inspection before they can be licensed. To upload your high resolution images, simply visit your Photo Manager or Licensing Manager, select the photo(s) you’d like to submit, and enable the Licensing option at the top of the right hand sidebar.

Does 500px own your photos?

You own the copyright to your photos Images from the 500px collection are royalty-free, which means that buyers pay a one-time flat rate to use them, but not to own them.

Which is better 500px or Flickr?

In sum, if you want to display an assortment of the very best of your work, 500px is what you’re looking for. The ‘Market’ service on 500px is your best choice if you wish to sell your photography. If you’re looking to share your complete photography portfolio and organise it, Flickr is your best bet.

Why does Tinder say failed to match?

If you see a “Something went wrong 40303” error message while logging in to Tinder, it means that your Tinder account is blocked. You need to contact Tinder customer support to review your account. Alternatively, you can make a new Tinder account with new credentials.

Can I sell photos on 500px?

500px photographers can grant permission to certain individuals to use their photos for commercial or editorial purposes. At the time of upload, 500px photographers can choose to submit their photos for Licensing with 500px, via 500px’s royalty-free (RF) stock photography collection.

How can I get my photos on 500px?

Post enough great photos and gain exposure through YouTube, publishing and teaching workshops and you’ll gain recognition that virtually guarantees high placement on 500px.com whenever you upload a photo, which will of course be of the highest quality anyway.

Why did I sign up for 500px account?

Three years ago I signed up for an account on 500px – an online photo sharing website. I was pleased to see they were based in Toronto and I liked the notion of supporting a Canadian based photo sharing site as I had with Flickr back in 2004. I read their TOS, and all seemed straightforward and uploaded some photographs.

How long do photos stay fresh on 500px?

Your photo is ‘fresh’ for 24-hours, after which a 10-point penalty is applied that enables newer photos to climb to the top, Thus the competition is continuous and there are no prizes, save the satisfaction of peer recognition. So, here then are the top five types of photo that go all the way to the top of 500px.com.

What is the royalty rate for 500px photos?

Edit (March 21, 2016): 500px has now cut their royalty rate from 70% to 30% for non-exclusive photographs. Exclusive photos are now at a royalty rate of 60%. Ouch! 6. Free images for Bing’s Homepage

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