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What is the current racial and ethnic breakdown of the US population?

What is the current racial and ethnic breakdown of the US population?

Racial categories

2019 U.S. Census Bureau Estimates
Non-Hispanic white 60.3%
Hispanic and Latino (of any race) 18.5%
Black or African American 13.4%
Asian 5.9%

What is the majority race and gender in America?


Female persons, percent  50.8%
Race and Hispanic Origin
White alone, percent  76.3%
Black or African American alone, percent(a)  13.4%

What is the race percentage breakdown in America?

As of 2019, here is the current distribution of the U.S. population by race and ethnicity: White: 60.1% (Non-Hispanic) Hispanic: 18.5% Black: 12.2%

What percentage of the US population is female 2020?

In the United States, the resident population was estimated to be around 330 million in 2020. The gender distribution of the nation has remained steady for several years, with women accounting for approximately 51.1 percent of the population since 2013.

Where do females outnumber males?

According to the 2015 UN estimate, for every 100 women, there are 101.8 men, meaning that women account for about 49.6% of the total global population….Countries Where Women Outnumber Men.

Rank Country Female pop. (% of total pop.)
1 Nepal 54.4
2 Latvia 54.0
3 Lithuania 53.7
4 Ukraine 53.7

Which country has more females than males?

Top 10 Countries with Highest Female Population

Country (Rank) Female Vs Male
1. Curacao Percentage of female population: 54.6% Women per men: 121.80
2. Latvia Percentage of female population: 54.2% Women per men: 118.52
3. Martinique Percentage of female population: about 53% Women per men: 117.53

What race has the most population?

Narrowing it down even farther, the most populous race would be the Han Chinese, with 1.31 billion people, or about 19% of the world’s total population. Following close behind are the people of India, with about 1.25 billion people.

What is the most white state in the US?

Whitest States In America For 2020 Maine. Source: Wikipedia User | CC BY-SA 3.0 Percent White : 93.4% Percent Change: -1.1% Welcome to Maine, the whitest state in America. Vermont. Source: Wikipedia User | CC BY-SA 3.0 Percent White : 93.0% Percent Change: -1.7% Our next stop is in Vermont, which is 93.0% white. West Virginia. New Hampshire. Montana. Iowa. North Dakota. Kentucky. Wyoming.

What percentage of the US population is black?

According to the 2018 United States Census estimates, the United States population is approximately 14.6% Black or African American, which equals 47.8 million people. The Black-only population is 13.4%.

What is the current US population?

331,449,300 in 2020

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