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What is a commissioning editor TV?

What is a commissioning editor TV?

Commissioning editors buy authors, book titles or ideas for publication. They also ensure authors deliver typescripts to specification and on time. The role is most associated with book publishing. In magazine publishing, commissioning editors commission writers to produce articles and features.

What is BBC commission?

The BBC commissions world class content with a distinctly British perspective and we want to work with the best producers and creatives to tell stories which excite, educate and entertain.

Who is involved in media commissioning?

Articles are either pitched by a writer to an editor, assigned to a writer by an editor or written in-house by a staff writer or editor.

What is the BBC service remit?

The BBC is a public service broadcaster. This means that, in return for payment of a licence fee , the BBC provide viewers with a service of programmes with wide appeal that are guaranteed to conform to its public service remit to ‘inform, educate, and entertain.”

What is a commissioner in film?

Film commissions are quasi-governmental, non-profit, public organizations that attract motion media production crews (including movies, television, and commercials) to shoot on location in their respective localities, and offer support so that productions can accomplish their work smoothly.

What does a BBC commissioner do?

What does a commissioner do? Commissioners in TV drama work for broadcasters, like the BBC, and streaming companies, like Netflix. They listen to pitches from independent productions companies or from in-house production teams and decide whether to fund it and broadcast it on their channels.

What is BBC Proteus?

Proteus is the BBC’s system for managing programme proposals, commissions and programme metadata. This training collection includes guides and tutorial videos which will show you how to use Proteus for each step of your proposal and associated programme’s life cycle.

What is the process of media commissioning?

General summary of commissioning guidelines for television Make sure that the idea is right for the channel you are submitting to. Ensure you can see where the programme will sit in the current schedule. Understand why people will want to watch this programme. Identify any interactive or cross-platform potential.

Who is the BBC target audience?

BBC Four’s target audience is adults aged 35 and over. Its remit is to ‘reflect a range of UK and international arts, music and culture. ‘

What is the new commissioning structure for the BBC?

Our new commissioning structure, uniting factual, arts and classical music, brings new opportunities for collaboration and programming of scale to help grow BBC iPlayer and bring specialist depth, modern storytelling and ambition across this new expanded genre.

Is there a deadline to apply for BBC commissioning editor?

Please Note: The application deadline for this job has now passed. This key role within commissioning is responsible for working across and delivering independent and in-house commissions within Daytime and Early Peak.

Are there any commissioning opportunities in the West Midlands?

Commissioning opportunity: Midlands Voices New creative partnership between BBC Three, BBC England and Create Central focused on developing and championing West Midlands based talent and creativity will commission two indies from the area.

Why do we Commission documentaries for the BBC?

These tend to be closed episode formats that we can commission at volume and at a lower cost. The sweet spot for us here is finding pleasurable and unusual ways into the subjects that matter to 16-24 year-olds – specific passions we can explore that this audience will come back to year on year, building habits on iPlayer.

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