Where should I stay in the Wilpena Pound?

Where should I stay in the Wilpena Pound?

Top hotels near Wilpena Pound

  • Wilpena Pound Resort. 3.5 out of 5.
  • Ikara Safari Camp. 2 out of 5.
  • Rawnsley Park Station. 3.5 out of 5.
  • Edeowie Station. 3.5 out of 5.
  • Skytrek Willow Springs Station. 3 out of 5.
  • Hillview Cottage.
  • The Yourambulla CottageBed and Continental Breakfast.
  • Flinders Bush Retreats.

Can you have a fire at Wilpena Pound?

Camping at Wilpena Pound Campground Campground guests are welcome to use the resort pool, as well as the restaurant, bar and bistro. Wood fires and solid fuel fires are prohibited between late October and mid April each year.

Is there water at Wilpena Pound?

All grey water is also treated on site, allowing a wholly self-sufficient system which is off the grid. Wilpena Pound Resort is committed to water efficiency and usage throughout operations. We encourage all guests to take 3-minute showers and only request their rooms to be re-made by housekeeping as required.

Can you camp anywhere in Flinders Ranges?

Regardless of whether your choice of camping is in a van, camper trailer or tent, a trip into the Flinders Ranges can cater for you. Welcome to Flinders Ranges National Park. A 460km trip north of Adelaide will land you at the Flinders Ranges National Park Visitor Centre at Wilpena.

What is Wilpena Pound famous for?

Explore Wilpena Pound: an awe-inspiring ancient landscape brimming with wildlife. Cradled by ancient mountain ranges on the edge of the desert, Wilpena Pound is the crowning jewel of the Flinders Ranges. Also known by its Adnyamathanha name of Ikara, meaning meeting place, Wilpena Pound rewards the intrepid.

Can dogs be taken into Wilpena Pound?

Sorry, dogs are not allowed at Wilpena Pound Resort. Don’t feel like you have leave Fido at home though! You’ll find information on all of the other pet friendly hotels in Hawker here. Or, browse all pet friendly hotels in Hawker if you’re still looking.

Can you drive to the top of Wilpena Pound?

The Flinders Ranges have some of the best scenic drives in South Australia, with millions of years of geological history, rolling mountain ranges and spectacular gorges. There are several drives that can be easily undertaken from Wilpena Pound Resort which will get you back in time for Happy Hour!

Is the road to Wilpena Pound sealed?

Road conditions The road from Hawker to Blinman, including the access road to Wilpena Pound, is fully sealed. All other public roads are unsealed but usually suitable for 2WD vehicles and caravans. Of course, conditions can change after rain, so check at the info centre at Wilpena for the latest conditions.

What is the best time to visit Flinders Ranges?

The most popular time for visitors is from April until October. Spring is a great time to visit the Flinders Ranges, with generally warm and clear days – great for bushwalking. Plus, it’s often a great time to see wildflowers, though the abundance and timing of wildflowers depends entirely on recent rainfall.

How many days in Flinders Range?

Three days is just enough time to reach the Flinders Ranges’ lofty heights, but there’s so much more to explore in South Australia and there’s no need to fly overseas.

Is Wilpena Pound a meteor crater?

Superficially, Wilpena Pound resembles the remnant of an ancient and violent cataclysm, a massive meteorite crater or catastrophic volcanic eruption. The geological reality is far more prosaic.

Where is Wilpena Pound Resort in South Australia?

Wilpena Pound Resort. Located in the Ikara Flinders Ranges, Adnyamathanha Country, South Australia. Wilpena Pound Resort is the only accommodation located within the Ikara Flinders Ranges National Park, 430km north of Adelaide.

How many tents are in Wilpena Pound campground?

This extraordinary landscape is 800 million years old and has been home to Adnyamathanha people for tens of thousands of years. Enjoy a haven of outback hospitality with 60 hotel rooms, 15 glamping safari tents, a picturesque campground, National Park Visitor Information Centre, restaurant, bar/bistro, swimming pool and general store.

Is the Wilpena Pound in the Flinders Ranges?

The Wilpena Pound Campground is located within the Ikara-Flinders Ranges National Park. Dogs are not permitted in this park. Collection of firewood within National Parks is prohibited. Dead wood plays a vital role in providing shelter for animals and adding nutrients to the soil.

How do I get site number for Wilpena Pound?

You can request a site number in the ‘GUEST COMMENTS’ field when booking online, however we can not guarantee that specific site numbers will be available over your preferred date range. To help us preserve the unique beauty of the area, we ask that all rubbish be placed in the bin enclosures provided throughout the campground for recycling.

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