What is Master Plan at WKU?

What is Master Plan at WKU?

M.A.S.T.E.R. Plan is WKU’s transition program for all new undergraduate students and is designed to help you smoothly transition to your new life as a Hilltopper. Move in early, meet your new best friends, and learn everything you need to know about being a Hilltopper.

What is Big Red Blitz WKU?

Big Red’s Blitz Partners are local non-profit agencies/organizations, or WKU departments with community ties, that engage WKU student volunteers in service opportunities.

How many sororities are at Western Kentucky University?

The Panhellenic Council at Western Kentucky University is the governing body of the 9 National Panhellenic Conference sororities on campus, as well as our local sorority, Sigma Alpha, and the service sorority, Omega Phi Alpha.

What’s the best sorority at WKU?

In the Overall Greek Week results, the following organizations were winners:

  • Sorority: Kappa Delta, first; Phi Mu, second; Alpha Omicron Pi, third.
  • Fraternity: Phi Gamma Delta, first; Alpha Gamma Rho, second; Sigma Phi Epsilon, third.

What sororities does WKU have?


  • Alpha Kappa Alpha.
  • Delta Sigma Theta.
  • Zeta Phi Beta.
  • Sigma Gamma Rho.

What can I say instead of master plan?

Synonyms of master plan

  • arrangement,
  • blueprint,
  • design,
  • game,
  • game plan,
  • ground plan,
  • plan,
  • program,

Who generates master plan?

Master Plans are written and adopted by a local Planning Commission and might also be adopted by a local legislative body, although Master Plans are not laws on their own. Many Master Plans are written as one document but they can be and often are more effective when written as multiple documents.

Does WKU have sorority houses?

Do I have to join as a first year student? Students at WKU may join fraternities and sororities in any year of their academic career. Some NPHC organizations only consider members that have been in school for at least one semester or a year.

How long is a master plan?

Master planning is a type of urban planning that pertains to the physical development of a city or town over the long term, usually covering a time frame of about 10 to 15 years into the future.

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