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How do you get the statue in Central in Sleeping Dogs?

How do you get the statue in Central in Sleeping Dogs?

The second Jade statue is visible in a condo in Central. When you are committed to doing the main story mission Conflicted Loyalties, you can get the statue then, or return after that mission is completed to visit the condo.

Where is the last jade statue in Sleeping Dogs?


  1. In Club Bam Bam’s VIP Lounge.
  2. On a boat at North Point Waterfront, easily found while doing the cop mission Popstar Lead 3 when Wei needs to get on top of the boat’s roof.
  3. Inside the Golden Koi’s kitchen.
  4. In the North Point Temple.

What is the best car in Sleeping Dogs?

Speed Chart

Face Rank Vehicle
1 C 600 Coupe S
2 B GX300 (fastest B rank)
2 C Kyou Kan
2 C Sparc

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Where do you get the 4th statue in Sleeping Dogs?

The fourth statue – in Club Bam Bam – is available upon completing that story mission. You might as well, since Tiffany’s Song is only available after clearing the club. Below is a complete video guide to all statues. In Club Bam Bam’s VIP Lounge. You will need to complete Club Bam Bam to access this area.

Where is the central apartment in Sleeping Dogs?

The Central Apartment is the second apartment in Sleeping Dogs available to the protagonist, Wei Shen. It is unlocked after completion of the mission ” Uncle Po “. The apartment is lavishly and beautifully furnished.

Where do you find the jade statues in Sleeping Dogs?

The jade statues become available after you complete the Amanda story line mission. Each time you come across one of the jade statues, return it to Sifu at the dojo and you will be offered a new technique to learn in fighting. While they may not all be great, the final one that you learn makes finding all the statues worthwhile.

Where to find all the collectibles in Sleeping Dogs?

– lock box – mostly with money, but sometimes you can find a different clothes inside – security camera – you can program and access them at the Shen’s apartment – jade statue – they let you learn new martial techniques in the gym

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