Should Kasumi keep the gray box?

Should Kasumi keep the gray box?

If you Keep the Graybox: Kasumi will hold on to it, going against Keiji’s wishes. In ME3, you learn exactly what the evidence that was incriminating to the Alliance within the Graybox was. In ME3, the Hanar Diplomat Mission still takes place, but the graybox is not a part of it.

Does Kasumi have a loyalty mission?

Mission Summary Keiji Okuda’s graybox was recovered and destroyed/remains in Kasumi Goto’s possession. Donovan Hock was killed in the destruction of his gunship. Kasumi is loyal.

How do you get to hocks room?

As you head through the garage, Hock will close the doors in front of you. To get past, look for the ramp on the right-hand side to find a door to a side area. Across from the door will be a PDA on some crates with 4,200 credits. The next room has a very neat alternate method of getting through.

When should I recruit Kasumi?

Max out the Faith Confidant at rank 5 and the Councillor Confidant at rank 10 for Kasumi and Maruki before the end of November. Play through the game normally until you reach the final boss. Kasumi can then be recruited to your party, assuming that you picked the option for the true ending.

Should you destroy the Greybox?

Mass Effect players that wish to free Kasumi from the memory of Keiji Okuda are thus advised to destroy the graybox, though the choice ultimately comes down to personal preference.

What happens if I don’t destroy the collector base?

If you destroy the Collector base: You earn Paragon Points. In the end scene of Mass Effect 2, the star behind the Illusive Man is blue. If you do not obtain enough Military Strength during Mass Effect 3, you will be forced to pick the “Destroy” option during the finale of Mass Effect 3.

Where does Kasumi go if the graybox is destroyed?

With that established, Kasumi reappears in Mass Effect 3 ‘s Hanar Diplomat side mission, and, if she kept the graybox, it is revealed that she has spent much of her time plugged into the device. This will, of course, not be the case if the graybox was destroyed, and she will instead speak more generally about the mission at hand.

Why is the graybox called stealing memory Mass Effect 2?

The Graybox and the Stealing Memory mission The entire Kasumi Loyalty Mission in Mass Effect 2 is built around the mystery of the graybox. That’s why it has its title – Stealing Memory – since the box is essentially a collection of the memories of a specific person.

What are the side effects of the graybox?

Launched by Synthetic Insights in 2160 CE and originally developed to help treat Alzheimer’s disease, it was determined that its implant procedure has dangerous side-effects: should the graybox either need to be removed for maintenance purposes or if it developed software bugs, extensive brain damage would occur.

Who are the two people who have grayboxes?

Only two individuals are known to have grayboxes, partners Kasumi Goto and the late Keiji Okuda. Keiji was killed by Donovan Hock for his heavily-encrypted graybox. Hock has been trying to crack it since he obtained it for the information that Keiji recorded in it.

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