Are HJC snowmobile helmets good?

Are HJC snowmobile helmets good?

Anyone who has been snowmobiling for any length of time is likely familiar with HJC. HJC is one of the most trusted helmet brands in the world for everything from bicycles to motorcycles to snowmobiles.

Does HJC make snowmobile helmets?

HJC offers a range of snowmobile helmets. These include: HJC offers 3 fullface snowmobile helmets which are the CS-R3 and CL-17 for adults and the CL-Y for youth. These are traditional fullface snowmobile helmet with dual lens shield and breath box.

Is HJC a Korean company?

It is HJC, a firm that has been leading the global motorcycle helmet market. HJC is a leader in the U.S market and a runner-up in Europe, in terms of market share. It operates four factories in Korea, China and Vietnam.

What’s the warmest snowmobile helmet?

Best Snowmobile Helmets on the Market for 2021

  • 509 Altitude Helmet with Fidlock. 509 Altitude Helmet.
  • KLIM F3 Helmet. Klim F3 Helmet.
  • FXR Blade Force Helmet. FXR Blade Helmet.
  • Fly Racing Kinetic Helmet. Fly Kinetic Helmet.
  • Fox Racing V2 Hayl Helmet.

How much does a snowmobile helmet cost?

Snowmobile Helmet Pricing $150-$300: This is the price range in which the majority of well-designed and good quality snowmobile helmets can be found. Made with durable, lightweight, and rugged materials, you will find all types of snowmobile helmets in this price range.

Who makes HJC helmet?

Further, HJC has two helmet factories in two different countries: Korea and Vietnam. These factories provide strategic venues to produce high end, mid, and entry-level products to satisfy the demands of consumers around the world.

Is HJC a good helmet brand?

HJC have been in this business for more than 45 years and they make superior and formidable helmets for riders all over the world. HJC helmets are extremely comfortable, stylish and use top quality materials and safety features. Bike riders of all budgets can afford to get a good quality helmet through HJC.

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