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What happened to Ann Archer?

What happened to Ann Archer?

Anne Archer married TV producer Terry Jastrow in 1979 and they had a son, Jeffrey Tucker Jastrow in 1984. They are still happily married today. She, her husband, and eldest son Tommy are members of the questionable Church of Scientology.

How tall is Anne Archer?

5′ 7″Anne Archer / Height

How old is Fatal Attraction?

Fatal Attraction
Release date September 16, 1987 (New York City) September 18, 1987 (United States)
Running time 119 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Did Anne Archer marry Tom Cruise?

anne archer married to tom cruise.

Is Tommy Davis Anne Archer’s son?

Davis is the son of real estate investor William Davis and film actress and Scientologist Anne Archer. He has a half-brother, Jeffrey Tucker Jastrow. His stepfather is an Emmy-award winning actor and producer, Terry Jastrow.

Who are Anne Archer’s parents?

Marjorie Lord
John Archer
Anne Archer/Parents

When did Anne Archer marry Tom Cruise?

Well, those five years are now up — the couple married in November 2006.

What was the name of the movie Anne Archer starred in?

She starred alongside Harrison Ford in the 1992 spy thriller film Patriot Games and its sequel Clear and Present Danger (1994). In 1993, she starred opposite Madonna and Willem Dafoe in the erotic thriller Body of Evidence; the film was widely panned and at the 14th Golden Raspberry Awards Archer received nomination for Worst Supporting Actress.

Who was Anne Archer in the movie Fatal Attraction?

In 1987, she starred alongside Michael Douglas and Glenn Close in the psychological thriller film Fatal Attraction. The film became a huge box office success, and Archer was nominated for an BAFTA, Golden Globe and Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress and for her role as Beth Gallagher.

Who are the parents of actress Anne Archer?

Archer was born in Los Angeles, California, the daughter of actors John Archer and Marjorie Lord.

Who was Anne Archer on Little House on the Prairie?

In the 1970s she appeared in television series, including Hawaii Five-O, The Mod Squad, Ironside, and Little House on the Prairie. She also was a regular cast member on the short-lived ABC sitcom Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice in 1973. She was named Miss Golden Globe in 1971.

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