Does ANZ Bank have safety deposit boxes?

Does ANZ Bank have safety deposit boxes?

Inside the ANZ bank vault — the secrets of safety deposit boxes. THEY contain family heirlooms, forgotten treasures and secrets aplenty. The bank is getting out of the safety box business, giving the owners of the 4500 boxes an opportunity to review their contents.

Do banks in Australia have safety deposit boxes?

Bank Vs. Private Safe Deposit Boxes. The most common types of safe deposit boxes in Australia are bank safe deposit boxes and private vault safe deposit boxes. While they essentially function the same, there are key differences which might make you prefer one over the other.

Do banks still have safety deposit boxes?

Modern safe deposit boxes have been around since the mid-1800s. Some banks today consider them to be an outdated service and have stopped offering safe deposit boxes altogether. But there’s still a demand for them, says Dave McGuinn, president and founder of Safe Deposit Specialists.

Do safety deposit boxes get robbed?

Theoretically, contents in a safety deposit box are safe from being stolen and safe from the wear and tear that comes from keeping valuables out in the open. However, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC) does not insure the contents of a safety deposit box.

Why are banks closing safety deposit boxes?

An ANZ spokesman said today the bank had notified customers it would no longer be providing safe deposit boxes as it will be closing the branch when the building is redeveloped by its new owners. Often the boxes are used by the likes of accountants to lock away documents for their clients.

Where are the safety deposit boxes at ANZ Bank?

After 127 years of holding the secret and valuable possessions of the Australian population, ANZ Bank will be closing their safety deposit vault in Queen Street and transferring the role of safe-keeping to Guardian Vaults in William Street.

What can you store in a safety deposit box in Perth?

Offering not just storage for investments and jewellery, Perth Safety Deposit Boxes can assist with the secure storage of all your valuable possessions including document storage for wills, deeds, titles etc as well as digital documents and media.

Is the ANZ bank vault in Queen St closing?

THEY contain family heirlooms, forgotten treasures and secrets aplenty. All locked away in vault forged from British steel when Queen Victorian was still on the throne. But after 127 years, the ANZ Bank’s safety deposit vault in Queen St is closing its fat doors forever.

Why do banks have a safe deposit vault?

For many years, banks have been providing secure storage for their clients in their own safe deposit vaults. Here, clients can store items of value, which can be accessed during regular banking hours. A client deposits their item/s in a locked box and it is stored in the bank’s vault.

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