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How do I contact Allstate?

How do I contact Allstate?

Allstate Customer Service. Phone: 1-800-ALLSTATE. Phone: 1-800-255-7828. _______. Locate Agents. Click here to locate an Allstate agent nearest to your address. You can search by zip code, state and city. Search results can also be refined by products such as Insurance and Life Insurance/Retirement etc.

Does Allstate offer RV insurance?

Allstate RV Insurance. Allstate does offer a basic insurance policy that is backed by their quality reputation. It can a good policy addition if you currently have Allstate Insurance. While not the cheapest RV policy, they can be very price competitive if you already have Allstate.

Does Allstate cover RVs?

As the largest provider of personal property and casualty insurance, Allstate has the ability to offer coverage for your RV needs as well as your Home, Life, Auto, and Boat. Multiple policies and safe driving discounts combine with special savings for retired individuals over 55 years of age to create competitive pricing for quality coverage.

What is Allstate address?

Allstate Headquarters Address: 2775 Sanders Road, Northbrook, Illinois, USA. Allstate Headquarters Phone Number: + 1- 847-402-5000 for Allstate headquarters; + 1- 877-810-2920 for customer support; +1 – 800-877-8973 for hearing impaired. Allstate Headquarters Website: The Allstate official website is

Is Allstate a good insurance company?

Overall, Allstate is a good and stable insurance company. Any insurance company will have its challenging experiences but based on the average, Allstate is doing well and it’s an indication that if you communicate openly and purchase a product that is suitable to your needs,…

What is Allstate customer service phone number?

Allstate Contact Details including Phone Numbers and Contact Numbers. Allstate Customer Care Number: 1-877-810-2920. Hearing Impaired Number: 1-800-877-8973. Access 24/7 Claims Service: 1-800-ALLSTATE. Contact Number for Life Claims: 1-800-366-3495.

What is Allstate quick payment?

Allstate Quick Pay. Allstate’s online payments as a quick and easy way to pay your bill. Includes debit, credit card, and direct bank or reoccuring bank payments. For most insurance policy types, you can make a payment: The Allstate® Easy Pay Plan: Convenient, automatic withdrawals from your checking or savings account.

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