How do I identify my Weiss jewelry?

How do I identify my Weiss jewelry?

How To Spot A Weiss Deception

  1. Never judge a book by its cover. Examine the back closely.
  2. Check the texture of the finish. Genuine vintage jewelry has an attractive, smooth rhodium plated back.
  3. A deception will have more of a contemporary looking finish, maybe an antique finish, or an oxidized look.

When was Weiss jewelry made?

Before Albert Weiss founded his own costume-jewelry company in 1942, he learned the tricks of the trade as a designer for Coro in the 1930s. Weiss excelled at floral and figural brooches and earrings—the company also made numerous styles of bracelets and necklaces.

What are jewelry pins called?

A brooch (/ˈbroʊtʃ/, also US: /ˈbruːtʃ/) is a decorative jewelry item designed to be attached to garments, often to fasten them together. It is usually made of metal, often silver or gold or some other material.

What are brooch pins called?

Bar pins are attached to the back of brooches so that the brooch may be worn. There are three components to a bar pin, the swivel, the catch and the pin. We carry both completed bar pins and each of the parts for your brooch repair needs.

Who owns Weiss jewelry?

In 2006 Rich Weiss and Scott Rettmer relocated the store in west Greeley at 955 52nd Ave Ct. Current Owners Scott Rettmer and son, Alex, continue the same tradition and hold to the same standards by providing our customers the best selection of fine jewelry and exceptional customer services in Northern Colorado.

Are pins considered jewelry?

Technically speaking, pins and brooches are both decorative pieces of jewelry that attach to clothing with a sharpened metal wire on the back. However, pins are the general category for such pieces of jewelry, and brooches are a specific type of pin.

What can I do with old pins and brooches?

5 Beautiful Ways to Repurpose Vintage Brooches

  1. Frame a brooch for unique wall art.
  2. Fashion a stunning brooch necklace.
  3. Decorate a plain sweater or blouse.
  4. Create a multi-strand bracelet by linking several smaller bracelets together with a large brooch.
  5. Turn your vintage brooch into “something old” for your wedding day.

How do I identify Eisenberg jewelry?

Most costume jewelry pieces made by Eisenberg were individually set and many rhinestone pins were comprised of large or very large stones. Most early Eisenberg pieces were unmarked or only marked with a block letter “E” or cursive letter “E”.

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