Who is the author of increasingly poor decisions of Todd Margaret?

Who is the author of increasingly poor decisions of Todd Margaret?

Created, written by, and starring David Cross (Arrested Development, Mr. Show), The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret follows the awkward misadventures of an American office temp and convenient liar named Todd Margaret (David Cross). By ordering or viewing, you agree to our Terms.

Who is Todd Margaret from the TV show?

(Error Code: 102630) Todd Margaret is an American who takes a job running the London sales team for an energy drink. He has no experience with British culture, knows nothing about sales and has only one employee, Dave.

How did Todd Margaret get involved in Thunder Muscle?

Where Todd and Brent Misjudge the Mood of a Solemn Day With Wilts now maniacally demanding results, Todd finally takes initiative with a publicity stunt guaranteed to get Britain buzzing about Thunder Muscle. Meanwhile, Todd’s former boss, Doug, is embarking on an investigation into Wilts’ past.

What was the humor in Todd Margaret season 1?

Most of the humor in season 1 and season 2 focuses on Todd Margaret’s not being familiar with British culture and customs. His situation is compounded by the fact that Todd is a habitual liar, as well as by Dave’s truly nasty pranks and manipulation of Todd.

Who is Todd Margaret’s superior in the Outsiders?

Will Arnett as Brent Wilts, Todd’s superior, who uses excessive profanity and travels all over Europe, losing money in casinos and hiring prostitutes. Brent promoted Todd impulsively, mistakenly believing that Todd was a tough, take-no-prisoners businessman.

Who are the main characters in Todd Margaret?

The first two seasons of the series tell a single story—that of American office temp worker Todd Margaret ( David Cross ). After overhearing Todd recite jargon from a self-help CD and confusing it for him being on a call with a customer, ultra-aggressive executive Brent Wilts ( Will Arnett) promotes Todd on the spot.

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