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Is Schramsberg winery safe?

Is Schramsberg winery safe?

It’s one of several wineries in the area that were rumored to be damaged but are safe. Failla Wines, Schramsberg Vineyards, Mending Wall Winery and Davis Estates are all also OK.

Who owns Schramsberg Vineyards?

the Davies family
Nestled in Calistoga, Calif., Schramsberg Vineyards is known primarily for its sparkling wines. The brand, founded by Jacob Schram in the 1800s, has undergone many changes over time. Since 1965, it has been owned by the Davies family, which has made the brand and its property what it is today.

What champagne did Nixon take to China?

In 1972, Schramsberg’s 1969 vintage “Blanc de Blancs” (white of whites) was served at the “Toast to Peace” in Beijing, between Richard Nixon and Chou Enlai. Since that time, Schramsberg’s wines have been served by every subsequent presidential administration. Schramsberg earned numerous awards over the years.

Did the Burgess winery burn?

Napa Valley’s Burgess Cellars, burned in Glass Fire, buys winery and plans summer reopening.

What champagne do they drink at the White House?

No domestic bubbly appears on more White House menus of the last 50 years than Napa’s Schramsberg. This crisp, elegant, all-Chardonnay Champagne-method wine has been produced by the Davies family since 1965.

Is Schramsberg good Champagne?

Although of undeniable high quality, the J. Schram cuvée still does not compete at the top level of French Champagnes. In fact, the best wines we have tasted from Schramsberg have been several of the late-disgorged cuvées released to commemorate special occasions.

What wineries have burned?


  • Barnett Vineyards. Fire damaged an upper deck, storage shed, and vineyards.
  • Behrens Family Winery. The winery burned, but the tank barn and tasting room there are still standing.
  • Bremer Family Winery.
  • Burgess Cellars.
  • Cain Vineyard and Winery.
  • Castello di Amorosa.
  • Chateau Boswell.
  • Cornell Vineyards.

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