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What cars had the 4A GE?

What cars had the 4A GE?

The 4A-GE engine was first introduced in the 1983 Sprinter Trueno AE86 and the Corolla Levin AE86. The AE86 marked the end of the 4A-GE as a rear wheel drive (RWD or FR) mounted engine.

What’s the difference between blacktop and Silvertop?

Blacktop is factory turbo and you can put aftermarket turbo on them if you want. Silvertop is non-turbo but is as strong as Blacktop. The colour of the top just changed from year to year.

What engine was put in Takumi’s 86?

What’s special of his 86?: We’ll get that soon. One of the most important part is his engine, actually. It is a Group A 20V Silvertop 4A-GE engine. It can rev to 11000 (Not meaning that you should).

How reliable is a 4AGE?

Yeah, the 4AGE is definitely good enough to be a daily driver and should last for many hundreds of thousands of miles. Throw some good hardware on outside the engine and you’ll definitely see more power than a blacktop would have given you for the same price.

How much power can a 4age make?

most experienced people say that maximum amount of usable hp you should have on a fwd car is about 200-250 hp. after that you need to start doing crazy stuff to keep from dying.

What are the specs for a 20v Blacktop?

In the table below, you will find the engine specs for the 4A-GE 20V Blacktop: Engine code: 4A-GE Fuel: Petrol Power: +/- 160 hp @ 7800 rpm. Torque: 162 Nm @ 5600 rpm. Number of cylinders: 4 Cylinder capacity: 1587cc Bore x stroke: 81,0 x 77,0 mm.

What kind of car has a blacktop engine?

The biggest attraction is the noise they make due to their high revving nature and the throttle bodies on the intake. The Blacktop engine was sold mainly in cars for the Japanese domestic market and could be found in the AE111 Corolla Levin and Sprinter Trueno models (The AE111 was produced from 1997 to 2001).

What’s the difference between a silvertop and Blacktop series engine?

A Blacktop engine is an interference engine unlike all other A series engines. Although the pistons are initially interchangeable physically they aren’t practically as a Silvertop with Blacktop pistons has a very high compression and quite low when the combination is reversed.

Why is the 5th generation Toyota engine called blacktop?

Blacktop The name ‘Blacktop’ is given to the 5th generation of the 4A-GE engines. It’s not an official name that Toyota gave to the engine, but something Toyota enthusiast came up with to distinguish this generation of the 4A-GE. The reason for the name is pretty obvious: The valve covers and protectionplate between them are all black.

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