What beer do they drink on Still Game?

What beer do they drink on Still Game?

Tennent’s Lager
Christmas presents have been sorted early for half the nation after Tennent’s Lager teamed up with smash-hit sitcom Still Game to add two more well-known faces to the list of Tennent’s Lager Lovelies – Jack Jarvis and Victor McDade.

Is The Clansman in Still Game a real pub?

Still Game superfan opens up Clansman pub in English town of Corby. A STILL Game superfan has opened up their very own Clansman pub in an English town. Cliff Morton, 47, fell in love with the Scottish comedy show years ago and decided to fulfil his dream to recreate the Craiglang bar in Corby, Northamptonshire.

Is Eric from Still Game Dead?

He played Eric in BBC’s Still Game, a situation-comedy television series, in which he was one of the few actors who was actually a senior citizen. During the second episode of the eighth series of the show, Eric died of heart problems, while playing a puggy machine.

What happened to TAMS baby?

The pair behind iconic show revealed that Tam’s baby had to “disappear up into the attic” when Still Game was renewed after a seven year absence. “Why do those two sixty years olds have a baby? So unfortunately Tam and his wean had to disappear up into the attic.”

Does Winston in Still Game have one leg?

Winston wears a prosthetic leg, due to having it amputated due to his smoking habit.

Why was clansman called Jenny’s?

But it was later revealed that Pete The Jakey was instead the father. This resulted in the Clansman being saved from being demolished and instead being renamed to Jenny’s.

Why is the pub in Still Game called Jennys?

As a result, the Clansman was set to be closed down and demolished, to make way for cottages. It turns out that the property developer was the son of Pete the Jakey, and hence, the pub was not demolished. Instead, the pub was renamed “Jenny’s”, in honour of Jenny Turnbull, the mother of the property developer.

Is Victor still Canadian game?

Victor McDade is one of the main characters in the Scottish TV series Still Game. He is played by Scottish-Canadian actor Greg Hemphill.

Are Paul Young’s ears real in Still Game?

Young plays the character of Hugh “Shug” McLaughlin in Still Game, appearing occasionally in the early series but by series 5 and 6 becoming a regular cast member. Nicknamed “shug the lug” on the account of Paul Young’s trademark ears….Television.

Year 1984
Title The Odd Job Man
Role Victor
Notes “Episode 1.1”

What happened to TAMS baby in Still Game?

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