How many horsepower is a 115 Evinrude?

How many horsepower is a 115 Evinrude?

Evinrude E-TEC 115 HP (E115DSL)

How much does a 115 Evinrude weight?


Model Weight
E115DPX 405 lbs / 184 kgs
Color White Model Gear Ratio 2.25:1 Starting Method Electric Trim Method FasTrak™ Power Trim and Tilt Trim Range -4˚ to 17˚ Tilt Range 75˚ Counter Rotation No Controls Mechanical Steering Remote (Tiller accessory available)
E115DSL 390 lbs / 177 kgs

How fast does a 115 Evinrude go?

If you are looking purely at speed, a 115 will be right around 43 – 45 as many have stated on here with a normal load.

How fast will a 115 horsepower outboard motor go?

With a 115 HP engine in your pontoon boat you might expect to be able to go as fast as 25 to 31 miles per hour, depending on certain variables relating to your boat weight load, size and other adjustments.

What does Evinrude ETEC mean?

What’s not obvious about Evinrude E-TEC is what’s inside the engine block. Evinrude E-TEC incorporates pistons made from a new alloy, which was developed by NASA. This alloy has proven to be 2 to 3 times stronger at operating temperature than the aluminum alloys pistons are traditionally made with.

What are the problems with 115 hp Mercury Outboards?

The Mercury 115-horsepower outboard boat motor requires consistent and regular maintenance to run efficiently. The most common sources of problems are the internal water passages, the fuel line, propeller and spark plugs. If the Mercury Outboard 115 will not start, this can indicate a variety of things.

What is the weight of a 1977 115 Evinrude?

Re: The Weight of a 1977 115 Evinrude The 20 inch J/E models weigh 269 pounds plus 27 pounds for the power tilt and trim if applicable.

Who manufactures outboard motors?

Johnson Outboards was a US based manufacturer of outboard motors. The original company to make Johnson inboard motors and outboard motors was the Johnson Brothers Motor Company of Terre Haute, Indiana, United States.

What are the parts of an outboard motor?

Here a few of the parts that are worth noting: Flywheel (blue): A heavy wheel that builds up momentum as the engine accelerates, helping to maintain a smooth and steady engine speed. Starter motor (grey): Normally you’d start an outboard motor electrically, just as you’d start a car. Crankshaft (red): Collects power from the engine pistons, which fire slightly out of step to keep the motor running at a steady speed

How much does a 115 hp Evinrude cost?

New 2019 Evinrude E-Tec 115hp Outboard Motor, Model #E115DPGL, Serial #05539649….Details.

Make Evinrude
Year 2019
Condition New
Price $10,560.00
Dry Weight 375

How many horsepower is a Johnson 115?

2000 Johnson 115 HP V4 Carbureted 2 Stroke 20″ (L) Outboard Motor.

What’s the difference between Johnson and Evinrude?

For many years, it was believed that the only difference between Johnson and Evinrude engines was the color of the cowling — this year, that all changes. With the Johnson line, Bombardier is sticking to the more traditional and less sophisticated carbureted two-stroke engines and the less exciting four-stroke engines.

How fast will a 115 hp 2 stroke Mercury outboard go?

The combination of the lower gear ratio and larger blade diameter of the Enertia’s three-blade stainless steel wheel enabled the Scout to hit a top speed of 43.6 mph at 5,800 rpm, with superb 5.4-mpg fuel efficiency at 4,000 revs, hitting 25.9 mph at 4.8 gph.

What kind of motor does an Evinrude outboard motor have?

2020 Evinrude 115 HP E115DGL Outboard Motor Engine Engine Type: V4 60° E-TEC D.I. Bore x Stroke: 3.62 x 2.60 in. (92 x 66 mm) Displ.. $6,204.00

Where can I get a 115 horsepower outboard motor?

Perhaps your sports or fishing boat is in ship-shape condition but your motor has seen better days. Dont stay grounded if this is the case. eBay has a wide variety of complete 115-horsepower outboard engines, including gently used ones as well as refurbished models to help you get your sea legs back.

Where can I find Evinrude Johnson engine parts?

Check out the diagrams and add your Evinrude parts to the cart, and we’ll work on getting them on their way to you so you can get this old Evinrude Johnson engine back in ship shape.

What kind of lubricating system does Evinrude use?

To cover the Evinrude outboard motors, paint Deep Guard is used. In addition to its attractive appearance, it provides protection against corrosion. The lubricating system with directional injection protects the working cylinders for a long time, which ensures reliable operation of the power plant.

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