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What does Newell Brands do?

What does Newell Brands do?

Newell Brands Inc. designs, manufactures, sources, and distributes consumer and commercial products worldwide. Its Appliances and Cookware segment offers household products, including kitchen appliances, gourmet cookware, bakeware, and cutlery under the Calphalon, Crock-Pot, Mr. Coffee, Oster, and Sunbeam brands.

What products does Newell make?

Newell Brands Inc. is a consumer goods company. The Company has a portfolio of brands, including Paper Mate, Sharpie, Dymo, EXPO, Parker, Elmer’s, Coleman, Marmot, Oster, Sunbeam, FoodSaver, Mr. Coffee, Graco, Baby Jogger, NUK, Calphalon, Rubbermaid, Contigo, First Alert and Yankee Candle.

Where is Newell made?

As business boomed, the company built a new 15,000-square-foot facility in Ogdensburg, N.Y. Newell Manufacturing distinguished itself by focusing on technology and production improvements.

How do I contact Newell brands?

Please contact our investor relations team by calling us at 800-424-1941 or via email at [email protected] For Newell Brands corporate media requests, please contact the Corporate Communications Team at [email protected]

Who are Newell brands competitors?

Newell Brands’s top competitors include National Presto Industries, Griffon Corporation, Procter & Gamble, Tupperware Brands, Avery Dennison, Fortune Brands Home & Security, Patagonia, Unilever and Clorox. Newell Brands is a company that designs, sources, and distributes consumer and commercial products.

How do I contact Newell Brands?

Who are Newell Brands competitors?

How many employees does Newell Brands have?

Newell Brands

Formerly Newell Company (1903–1999) Newell Rubbermaid (1999–2016)
Net income US$527.8 million
Total assets US$33.898 billion
Owner Icahn Capital (10%) 2021 proxy statement
Number of employees 49,000 (2020)

How many employees does Newell brands have?

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Why are the people of Newell Brands important?

Whether they are working on the frontlines in our manufacturing facilities or distribution centers, testing the safety of our products or creating brilliant marketing campaigns, the people of Newell Brands are our greatest asset and the most important driver of our success.

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