What is an intruder fly?

What is an intruder fly?

An Intruder fly is meant to trigger aggression when invading, or intruding into the territory of a sport fish, thus eliciting a strike response. The most productive “Intruder” fly patterns trigger the fight response without triggering a flee response by scaring the fish away from its territory.

Who invented the intruder fly?

Jerry French
The Intruder Fly was originally created by Jerry French and was a concept pattern with a streamer style body with a trailer hook off of the back of the fly.

What do spey flies imitate?

When we use Spey flies, we are usually attempting to imitate any of several Crustaceans, aquatic insects or, just putting something “buggy” in front of Salmon and/or Steelhead. These flies often require long, soft barbed hackle to imitate the legs, pincers and antennae of shrimp.

Do steelhead flies work for trout?

Think about scaling down. The same flies and techniques that we use for steelhead will catch plenty of trout. Steelhead are just big sea-run trout and they have the same common instinct as their land-locked cousins.

What is trout spey flies?

Trout Spey is the term coined for lighter weight spey rods designed for trout fishing tactics like swinging or nymphing. If you follow our fishing reports and other social media content, you will notice that we have been into fishing Trout Spey for awhile now and find it very useful for our area rivers.

What is the point of tube flies?

Tube flies were originated in Aberdeen, Scotland by fly-dresser Minnie Morawski for Atlantic salmon anglers around 1945. Tube flies were designed to improve hooking success and to prevent damage to complex and expensive salmon flies by the teeth of hooked salmon.

What is a bottle tube fly?

Veniard’s Bottle Tubes & Extensions are tube fly tubes made of aluminium and brass. Bottle Tube’s head part is cone shaped so it’s possible to tie small head for the fly. Brass tubes are a bit heavier than aluminium what makes them perfect for high water conditions.

What’s the best way to tie an intruder?

Intruder style flies are a really fun fly to tie, mainly because the variations and styles you can tie are limitless. To try and give you a few ideas on how to find your own style, I’ve tied the same pattern nine different times, but finished each one differently.

When do you need an intruder style fly?

Intruder style flies are all the rage these days when targeting sea-run fish in cold water, or in any other situation where a large profile is desired. However, the cost of materials needed for many intruder style patterns can discourage the average tyer from tying their own, particularly those getting started!

How do you tie a marabou intruder fly?

Step 2: Tie in a dubbing ball using ice dub. Then, tie 4 or 5 strands of krystal flash. Tie in some arctic fox in backwards. Note: See this step in detailed form by checking out our post on tying intruders without a dubbing loop.

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