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Does RK5 drop legendary?

Does RK5 drop legendary?

RK5 is a re-spawning boss after the mission is completed and has an increased chance to drop the legendary The Sham shield and the HellFire submachine gun.

Where can I farm sham?

The Sham is a legendary absorb shield manufactured by Vladof. In Borderlands 2, it is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source but has an increased chance to drop from BNK-3R located in The Bunker, from Handsome Sorcerer in the Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep DLC, and Pyro Pete the Invincible in the Mr.

How do you fight Nel?

In order to fight Nel two large signs with the letters “D” and “K” must be retrieved from tops of two buildings – the leaning tower to the east, and the IC 57 building just south of Nel. They then need to be placed on the IC 57 wall to spell the word “DICK”.

What kind of loot do you get on Iwajira?

Iwajira’s loot drops include: an average drop of 27 moonstones . a chance of purple rarity skins for each class: “Bitter Pill” (Wilhelm), “Last Thing You See” (Nisha). Due to a hotfix at 1/21/15 Iwajira has a chance to drop the Hail .

How often do you get Iwajira legendary drops?

I still see them quite frequently. The issue is that Iwajira can drop gear within 3 levels of your current max so getting the appropriate at-level one can be time consuming. Also, keep on grinding three purples. You never know.

Where does Iwajira drop the hail in Borderlands?

Due to a hotfix at 1/21/15 Iwajira has a chance to drop the Hail. Iwajira’s loot can spray all around the cavern besides the concentrated pile where he dies, including in the lava and its surrounding outcroppings.

When did Iwajira get replaced by kraggon odjurymir?

Iwajira was temporarily replaced by the cryo/incendiary kraggon Odjurymir during the in-game Mercenary Day event from December 23rd 2014 to January 5th 2015. Iwajira has an increased chance to drop the legendary Thingy launcher.

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