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How many regiments are there in the British Army?

How many regiments are there in the British Army?

Our men and women serve in one of 18 Regiments, which together have 33 Regular Battalions and 16 Reserve Battalions.

What is the difference between a corps and regiment?

The army is principally divided into more than a dozen different corps, which are a collection of regiments or small groupings of soldiers that share a common area of specialist expertise, such as infantry, artillery, cavalry or even dentistry. A regiment normally contains of around 650 soldiers depending on its role.

Is the SAS a regiment?

The SAS has one regular (active-duty) regiment (22 SAS) and two territorial (reserve) regiments (21 SAS and 23 SAS). The 22 SAS regiment is organized into four squadrons, each squadron consisting of four 16-man troops.

What are the names of the British Army regiments?

The Mercian Regiment (Cheshire, Worcesters and Foresters, and Staffords) – 2 + 1 battalions; The Royal Irish Regiment (27th (Inniskilling), 83rd, 87th and Ulster Defence Regiment) – 1 + 1 battalion; The Parachute Regiment – 3 + 1 battalions; The Royal Gurkha Rifles – 3 + 0 battalions; The Rifles – 5 + 3 battalions; Other combat arms

What kind of badge does the British Army have?

British 2nd Battalion of The Royal Regiment of Scotland (2 SCOTS, Royal Highland Fusiliers), badge

Who are the specialist units in the British Army?

11 EOD & Search Regiment Royal Logistic Corps is the British Army’s specialist unit responsible for improvised explosive device and conventional munitions disposal. The Regiment also inspect and licence ammunition storage and enforce explosives safety regulations.

Where is the infantry battle school in Brecon?

The Infantry Battle School (IBS) in Brecon, Mid-Wales is part of the School of Infantry. It delivers trained officers and soldiers to meet the operational requirements of the Infantry, the Army and Defence.

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