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How does the setting in the excerpt support the plot?

How does the setting in the excerpt support the plot?

How does the setting in the excerpt support the plot? The setting is so peaceful and beautiful that it is a stark contrast with the Kabati after the rebel attack.

When was Ishmael first touched War?

In 1991, the outbreak of a brutal civil war in Sierra Leone upended the lives of millions. Ishmael Beah’s parents and two brothers were killed and he was forcibly recruited into the war at age 13. After two years, with UNICEF help, he was removed from the army and placed in a rehabilitation home in Freetown.

Which statement accurately reflects the historical context of a long way gone?

Which statement accurately reflects the historical context of A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah? It was published when child soldiers were still a world problem.

What happens in the book A Long Way Gone?

A Long Way Gone is the true story of Ishmael Beah, who becomes an unwilling boy soldier during a civil war in Sierra Leone. The boy soldiers become addicted to cocaine, marijuana, and “brown brown,” which give them the courage to fight and the ability to repress their emotions in times of war.

How did Saidu die?

Saidu is the first of the group to die; he dies suddenly two nights after he and the other boys eat a crow that fell from the sky. Kanei is the oldest of the group by three years, although Alhaji is confused as being older because he is taller.

What does a Long Way Gone teach us?

Ishmael Beah’s A Long Way Gone is a sobering firsthand telling of his time as a child soldier during Sierra Leone’s decade-long civil war from 19. Yet, others, like Beah write to educate, to inform and to, hopefully, compel understanding and promote change. …

Why should you read A Long Way Gone?

This is a beautifully written book about a shocking war and the children who were forced to fight it. Ishmael Beah describes the unthinkable in calm, unforgettable language; his memoir is an important testament to the children elsewhere who continue to be conscripted into armies and militias.

What is the main conflict in a Long Way Gone?

This true story involves the life of Ishmael Beah who lives a fairly happy life in Sierra Leone until civil war breaks out. Then, like other civilians, he is forced to run for his life, becoming separated from his family and later losing them to murder by the rebels.

What are the rebels fighting for in a Long Way Gone?

While they’re away, their hometown is attacked by armed rebels who are fighting against the government of Sierra Leone and roaming up and down the countryside killing just about anyone they come into contact with.

Why did the rebels attack the towns so fiercely What was their goal does it make sense to you P 24?

The rebels attacked the towns so fiercely so they could get their point across that they’re the most powerful and to gain power over others. They also attacked so fiercely because they wanted to scare the people in the towns and so they could get revenge on other rebels who attacked their town.

What was Ishmael’s nickname when he was a soldier?


What happens to Saidu on the verandah?

They are fed and given a veranda to sleep on. A woman finds them and tells each of them news of their family. During the night, Saidu dies, and the boys are responsible for honoring his death and burying his body before they begin travelling again, this time in search of their families.

What does Ishmael say was one of the most unsettling things about his journey?

What does Ishmael say was one of the most unsettling things about his journey? He was uncertain when or where it would end.

What is the main point of the story about Bra Spider?

The moral of the Bra Spider story is not to be greedy, and instead appreciate what you do have. The villages were having a festival.

What does the crow symbolize in a Long Way Gone?

In A Long Way Gone, the crow appears to symbolize “a sign of a curse or bad luck.” The bird falls from the sky, and Beah says “it…

What bad event did Saidu witness?

Saidu has the most horrific story. The rebels came to his house and raped his three sisters and then took his parents and sisters hostage. During all of this, Saidu happened to be hiding upstairs so the rebels never found him.

Who is Gasemu?

Gasemu is a single man from Ishmael’s village. Ishmael and his companions find him on a banana farm then help him carry bananas as they walk back to the village where Ishmael hopes to find his family. He blames Gasemu for making them go slower and stop to pick up the bananas.

How does Uncle Tommy die?

Uncle Tommy falls ill one night, and there are no pharmacies or hospitals open to take him to. He declines quickly and dies in Ishmael’s arms. Ishmael realizes he must escape the war and the chaos or he’ll be pulled back into soldiering again.

What is a Wahlee?

Wahlee. (n) A place outside villages where people processed coffee or other crops (p.

Why did Ishmael join the army?

It’s kill or be killed, and Ishmael joins the army as his only chance of survival. Their motivation to join the army is survival, but the theme of revenge is present as well. The boys are brainwashed into believing that, by soldiering, they can take revenge on the men who killed their families.

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