What does the early pregnancy unit do?

What does the early pregnancy unit do?

An Early Pregnancy Unit is a SERVICE. An Early Pregnancy Unit (EPU) is a specialist unit that provides care for women with problems in early pregnancy. Early Pregnancy Units: Often centre around the provision of an Ultrasound Scan In Pregnancy to confirm the LOCATION and viability of a pregnancy.

What is pregnancy assessment unit?

The pregnancy assessment unit provides pregnancy assessment throughout all stages and ultrasound scans for miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, dating,nuchal translucency, fetal detail and growth measurements. There is a team of 5 qualified midwife sonographers supported by a clerkess.

What happens at a maternity day assessment unit?

The Day Assessment Unit (DAU) provides a outpatient setting to assess you and your baby during your pregnancy. The DAU service is in addition to routine antenatal and in-patient care from 18 weeks onwards. Before 18 weeks please contact your GP/midwife or in an emergency attend A&E.

When to book antenatal care at Salisbury District Hospital?

Every pregnancy is different and we use this as a guide. Congratulations – you’re pregnant! Please fill in the online booking form found on the maternity home page when you are 6-8 weeks pregnant. Alternatively, call DAU on 01722 425185 if you are unable to use the online form.

How many babies are born at Salisbury Hospital?

We are a small, professional and friendly team currently supporting approximately 2,500 mothers per year. Our team of caring midwives and experienced specialist doctors (obstetricians), supported by the team from the Neonatal Unit and other healthcare professionals from across the hospital provide you with comprehensive high quality care.

Where is the maternity unit in Salisbury District Hospital?

Fiona Coker (Head of Maternity & Neonatal Services) The Salisbury Maternity Unit is located in Salisbury District Hospital, Odstock Road, Salisbury. SP2 8BJ. Our Unit comprises: Antenatal Clinic and Day Assessment Unit; Labour Ward; Postnatal Ward; Neonatal Unit – for babies requiring specialised care

What is the role of midwives at Salisbury Hospital?

As midwives our priority is to provide high quality care and to promote normal birth. This can be in the Maternity Unit or at home. Our approach is to be partners in care with all who access the Salisbury maternity service, both within the community and at the hospital and encourage parents to tell us about their needs and expectations.

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