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What flavor freezes are at Brusters?

What flavor freezes are at Brusters?

Freezes. Enjoy the cool, refreshing flavor of sherbet or Italian ice, topped off with Sprite®. Our Freezes are the closest you’ll get to sunshine in a cup.

What is Bruster’s ice cream made of?

The company’s main products are ice cream and frozen yogurt, made on site with a milk-based mix at each individual store and made fresh in order to avoid ice crystal formation….Bruster’s Ice Cream.

Exterior of a Bruster’s (now permanently closed) in Valdosta, Georgia in 2015
Key people Jim Sahene (CEO)

How much does Bruster’s Real ice cream cost?

Bruster’s Ice Cream Menu Prices

Waffle Cone Large – 4 Scoops $5.37
Cones & Cups
Sugar Cone, Cake Cone or Cup Small – 2 Scoops $2.82
Sugar Cone, Cake Cone or Cup Regular – 3 Scoops $3.87

How many flavors does Bruster’s ice cream have?

BRUSTER’S GENERAL INFORMATION We have over 150 ice cream flavors and each location is permitted to make up to 24 per day.

What is blue pop ice cream?

Beat the heat with a Blue Pop Freeze. We mix refreshing lemon-lime soda with bright Blue Pop italian ice.

What is a Brusters blast?

The Bruster’s Blast has swirls of your favorite mix-ins and toppings whipped up in a tempest of vanilla ice cream to create a smooth, rewarding treat that’s a blast to savor. Choose from these delicious mix-ins: M&M’s® Oreo® Twix®

How much is a pint of ice cream at Bruster’s?

Bruster’s Menu Prices

Item Price Change
Popular Items
Pint $7.21 – –
Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae $7.08 – –
Quart $10.84 – –

What flavor is Brusters purple dinosaur?

John Mike on Twitter: “The purple dinosaur flavor at brusters is just vanilla ice cream with purple food dye #mywholelifeisalie”

What kind of ice cream is in brusters?

Bulk sizes are also available. Bruster’s hand-packed ice cream is always fresh, always satisfying, and now, always within a spoon’s reach. Introducing our new ice cream sandwiches made with REAL Oreo® cookies!

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