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Do VP gas stations sell race fuel?

Do VP gas stations sell race fuel?

We Put the Cool in Fuel™ For our branded VP gas station operators, this translates to greater customer loyalty and higher purchases of premium fuel, VP branded automotive additives, VP apparel, and optional race fuels. We are an official fuel or lubricant provider to over 60 race series worldwide.

Is racing fuel street legal?

260 GT® is a street-legal, oxygenated, unleaded gasoline designed for high performance street cars, muscle cars, classics, street rods, motorcycles, and the like. As with any gasoline, it should be stored in opaque, tightly sealed containers and kept where temperatures are stable.

Does Sunoco have race fuel?

Sunoco is now the exclusive provider of racing fuel for all of the NHRA’s professional racing classes: Top Fuel, Funny Car, Pro Stock and Pro Stock Motorcycle. Sunoco puts put a tremendous amount of care and precision into the race fuels we manufacture for the NHRA, and then they burn it up in just about four seconds.

How much is racing fuel per gallon?

Race Fuel Prices

Product Cost 5 gallon Cost 15 gallon
C12 $85.00 $245.00
VP113 $90.00 $230.00
C14 $95.00 $290.00
C14+ $95.00 $290.00

Does race gas make more power?

Many race fuel are oxygenated. Oxygenated fuels allow the engine to have a higher power output because oxygen is brought into the engine from air and fuel. Ethanol for example has an oxygen atom trapped in the chemical structure. During combustion that oxygen is available to combine with fuel.

Is VP 100 octane unleaded?

Professional grade 100 octane unleaded blend for all forms of motorsports.

Will it hurt to run 110 octane?

Nitro won’t even burn unless it’s compressed. So, the moral of the story is; unless you have at least 12:1 compression (of more), do not run any 110 octane or higher race gas in it or you’ll go slower.

What does cam 2 racing gasoline stand for?

“Cam 2” is the generic name used for Sunoco Race Fuels. You can expect the same consistent high quality performance from Cam 2 Racing Gasoline that you get from Sunoco Race Fuels because the names are interchangeable. It is the same product, made in the same facility by the same people.

Who are some racing teams that use cam2 oils?

Using CAM2 racing motor oils, race teams competed and won in Trans Am, Can Am, CART Championship (Indy Cars) and NASCAR. Penske Racing, using CAM2 oils, won three times at Indy with racing legends Rick Mears and Bobby Unser.

Who is the manufacturer of cam2 brake fluid?

We also manufacture brake fluid, power steering fluid, gear oils and antifreeze. CAM2’s racing heritage dates back to 1966. Its award-winning 20W-50 formula was developed as a joint venture between Sunoco, General Motors and Penske racing.

What kind of motor oil does cam2 make?

CAM2 Premium quality motor oils are licensed by API and ILSAC. The CAM2 product line includes not just a complete line of automotive lubricants. We also manufacture brake fluid, power steering fluid, gear oils and antifreeze.

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