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What is the role of HR in induction?

What is the role of HR in induction?

Inductions are usually seen by the HR manager as the beginning point of the probation process. HR needs to step up and facilitate better communication and understanding so that both the employee and their manager can develop a useful and sustaining employment relationship.

How can HR improve induction?


  1. Prepare an induction checklist.
  2. Make them feel welcome.
  3. Have a job description.
  4. Encourage your whole team to be involved.
  5. Discuss your company values and vision.
  6. Encourage social interaction with your team.
  7. Outline your expectations clearly.
  8. Look for creative ways to welcome your new hire.

What is induction training in human resource management?

Induction training is a term professionals in the Human Resources field use for employee training. It is a form of introduction that allows employees and new hires “learn the ropes” of their new job or position and get started easily.

Who is responsible for induction training?

Employers have a formal duty to provide new employees with all relevant information and training relating to health and safety particularly. As a manager for new employees it’s your responsibility to ensure that induction training is properly planned.

What should a HR induction include?

Regardless of organisation size, an induction processes should cover practical information about organisational procedures (such as building orientation, health and safety, and information about systems and procedures), company strategy and services (such as company values, strategy, and products and services).

What happens during induction training?

Induction training is offered to new employees when they join an organisation and usually includes: health and safety information. specific training on any duties/skills required to do the job.

What does a good induction look like?

A good induction programme, like any good training programme, should be interactive. The training environment should always be a relaxing, fun environment so that delegates can really feel comfortable to open up and take in new information – especially important when they might be suffering from first-day nerves.

Is induction training on the job?

On the job training is also an alternative to induction training and is given to an employee at their workplace while they are doing the job.

How long is Induction training?

Induction usually only takes about 2 hours and if your induction is on Saturday then your first official shift would most likely be Sunday. The induction would take an 30 minutes max. Once you have your induction you could possibly start from 7days after maybe sooner maybe longer.

What is the induction process in HR planning?

Induction Process Induction Process in HR Planning an induction process for new employees is designed to ensure that the new employees settle into their employment easily to enable them to become effective as soon as possible.

What is the purpose of induction staff training?

On this basis it is concluded that the purpose of induction staff training is the social and psychological adjustment made quicker and easier for new employees in the organizational environment. Content may be subject to copyright. 2212-5671 © 2014 Published by Elsevier B.V.

Is there an induction programme for new employees?

The People and Organisational Development team provides more detailed guidance for administrators on organising orientation and induction for new staff. An online induction programme is also available to all staff, who should be encouraged to make use of this early on in their appointment.

Is it beneficial to have induction in HRM?

It is beneficial to both, employee as well as organization. But many organizations treat it as a formality and, therefore, take it lightly and not in its true perspective. Such organizations cannot create favourable image in the minds of new recruits and to that extent, their effectiveness is affected adversely. Learn about:- 1.

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