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What is ACT Network Sync?

What is ACT Network Sync?

The Act! Network Sync Service (only available in Act! Premium) allows you to perform synchronization without having to have the Parent database open on the Server.

How do I sync my ACT database?

Enabling synchronization and creating a sync set

  1. Open your Act! database on the server.
  2. Depending on your version of Act!, do the following:
  3. In the Synchronization Panel, click Enable Synchronization.
  4. Click Manage Sync Set to create a sync set.

How do I create a remote database in ACT?

How to create a remote database through Act! Premium (access via web) or Act! Cloud

  1. Go to Tools > Remote Database Synchronization.
  2. In the Welcome window, choose to Create a Sync Set.
  3. A Sync Set allows you to specify exactly which Contacts you would like to include in your remote database.

How to start the Act ! network sync service?

Start the Sync Service by clicking the Start Sync Service button, and then minimize the Act! Network Sync Service dialog box. At the Remote database computer: Click the Tools menu, and then click Synchronization Panel. The Synchronization – Select a Synchronization Task dialog box appears.

Can You Use Act sync on different computers?

Network Sync Service can be installed on a computer regardless of whether it has a workstation or a server operating system. Ideally, you would install Act!, the Publisher database and the Act! Network Sync Service on the same computer. However, you can install the sync service on a different computer.

Do you need a VPN for Act synchronization?

Pro and Act! Premium) – Requires Act! to be open on the server during synchronization and the remote database must be inside the Local Area Network (LAN) or Virtual Private Network (VPN) in order for changes to transfer between computers Network Synchronization (Requires Act!

How to stop Act synchronization in Windows 10?

Click the Tools menu, point to Synchronization, and then click Accept Incoming Sync. Click OK to stop synchronization. Click the Tools menu, point to Synchronization and then click Accept Incoming Sync again. The following Act! dialog box appears:

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