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Can I play kahoot without the app?

Can I play kahoot without the app?

Unlike our iOS and Android mobile apps, players cannot partially complete a challenge on the web and return to complete it later. Challenges on the web must be completed in one session.

Can I host a kahoot remotely?

Connected Live Kahoot!’ You can set up remote games with another classroom, office, school, or business. These are ideal if you want to host a kahoot publicly with a large audience.

How can I see my kahoot results?

Go to and log in to your account.Select Reports in the top navigation bar.Find the title of the kahoot and the time the challenge was created (a trophy next to the “Date played” denotes a challenge).Choose to download to your device or save to Google Drive.

Can you see who answered what on kahoot?

Click “Start” when you are ready to begin. Kahoot will begin by counting down and giving the students a few seconds to read the question before they can see the answer choices. The participants’ devices will not show the question or the answer choices.

Can kahoot be tracked?

Player identifier is a new feature that allows tracking player performance across multiple games. Once you or your team have hosted multiple games with player identification on, you’ll be able to combine reports into one. Please note the following: When enabled, identified learners can be tracked per game.

Can kahoot be anonymous?

Pre-written Answers Only In all Kahoot game types, players select from your pre-written answers. There are multiple choice and ordering questions. There are NO open-ended question types. Nicknames & Moderation Students choose nicknames at the beginning of each session, so responses may be anonymous.

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