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Will there be a sequel to Driven on Passionflix?

Will there be a sequel to Driven on Passionflix?

The Passionflix adaptation of K. Bromberg’s wildly popular Driven Series will continue in 2021. Filming for seasons 2 and 3, which follow the events of Fueled and Crashed, respectively, wrapped at the end of 2020.

Who is the author of the book Driven?

K. Bromberg
Driven Series/Authors

Is Driven based on a book?

Based on the Best Selling novel by K Bromberg, whether it’s on the track or off of it, everything Colton wants is at his fingertips. Everything that is, but Rylee.

Is Driven on Passionflix a book?

The Driven (8 book series) Kindle Edition. From Book 1: Now a limited series streaming on Passionflix beginning August 2018. From New York Times Bestselling author K. Bromberg comes the first book in an unforgettable series about lust, love, redemption, and healing . . .

What’s coming to Passionflix in 2021?

Movies And Series Coming To Passionflix in 2021

  • Wicked.
  • Driven Season 2 (Fueled) and Driven Season 3 (Crashed)
  • Gabriel’s Rapture.
  • This Man.

Why did they recast Colton in Driven?

Driven’s first season premiered in 2018 and though the subsequent seasons based on Fueled (book 2) and Crashed (book 3) were always planned, there were delays as scheduling issues with the cast came to the fore. Passionflix was forced to recast the role of Colton Donavan so that the series could continue.

Why does Riley call Colton ace in driven?

She calls me Ace when she’s pissed off but always calls me Colton when she’s serious. She has that sexy, raspy type voice that drives me absolutely f&$*ing crazy.

What happens in the driven books?

Driven, a novel by K. Bromberg, is the first book in a trilogy detailing the relationship between Rylee Thomas and Colton Donavan. As the book progresses, it is revealed that Rylee is still haunted by a car accident two years earlier that killed her fiance, Max, and left her seriously injured.

Is driven a movie or series?

Driven was originally produced as a film, but the footage was determined to be too relevant to the story to cut. Instead, it will be a limited series of six episodes for a total length of about two hours and forty minutes.

Is Fueled on Passionflix?

Bromberg’s Driven Series have a lot to look forward to as Colton Donavan and Rylee Thomas return to their screens this summer on Passionflix. The Driven Series season 2 follows the events of the second book in Bromberg’s series, Fueled.

Why did they recast Colton in driven?

Is Passionflix making fueled?

Given the challenges of filming during the pandemic, it made sense to film both seasons together while the actors had time in their schedules. Fueled is now in post-production and will be available at some point this summer according to the latest update from Passionflix.

Who are the main characters in driven by K Bromberg?

I am consumed with these characters. Driven is the first book I’ve read from K Bromberg, but it most definitely won’t be my last. Rylee is our heroine, who works with children who are in the system. The passion she had for these boys was so beyond touching.

Which is the first book in the Driven series?

Driven is an acquired taste; to many readers, it seems to take all those beloved elements of the romance genre and magnifies them to intolerable levels; however, those fans of K. Bromberg’s first novel in the Driven series have an almost fanatical love for Driven. Colton stole Rylee’s heart.

Are there any spin offs to the Driven series?

*Driven Standalone Spin-Offs: These books can be read on their own, out of order, and with or without having read the Driven Series. They are totally unconnected and complete standalones. From New …

What are the themes of the Driven series?

The Driven Series puts a new twist on the heartbroken heroine and damaged alpha storyline with its underlying themes of redemption, acceptance, and the importance of family.

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