Is the MX-5 Owners Club in the UK?

Is the MX-5 Owners Club in the UK?

The MX-5 Owners Club is committed to following UK Government Coronavirus advice on events and social gatherings. Latest changes to this guidance has significant impact on how you can meet others as well as Club activities. Unfortunately everyday life is far from normal and we should continue to do all that we can to protect each other.

How to turn off post notifications in MX-5 Owners Club?

There is a Category called ‘MX-5 Owners Club Members’ area that you can post in for other members to see. How do I turn off post notifications? When on a topic within the forum, scroll to the bottom of the thread, and click the grey button that contains a Bell icon.

Is the British Motor Museum open to MX 5 owners?

Classics and Coffee – British Motor Museum This Saturday 3rd July, the MX-5 Owners Breakfast is open to all MX-5 enthusiasts and is being supported by the Club, where we will be running some competitions and prizes for the best cars on the day. Members can stop past the Club tent and pick up a voucher for voucher for coffees at the Museum.

Where have you been in your MX-5 today?

ND Toys, sorry models! Where have you been in your MX-5 today? What have you done to your MX-5 today? (Part 2) Water dripping from under glovebox – air con? Longer sprint events? How much are prices inflated at present? MX-5 NB or NC wanted!

Who is the fraud investigation unit in Michigan?

The Fraud Investigation Unit (FIU) is a criminal justice agency within the Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services that is dedicated to the prevention of criminal and fraudulent activities in the insurance and financial services markets. Read the FIU 2020 Annual Report to learn more. How Insurance Fraud Affects You

How much does a MX5 event pass cost?

Your Entry pass costs £10 and will include 1x Event Vehicle Pass (limited to 1000 pieces), 1x MX5 1K Woven Lanyard (limited to 1000 pieces and only issued to event drivers), 1x Record attempt sticker and 1x Official Record attempt Vehicle Windscreen sticker.

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