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What is the meaning of Atmiya Sabha?

What is the meaning of Atmiya Sabha?

philosophical discussion circle
Atmiya Sabha was a philosophical discussion circle in India. The association was started by Ram Mohan Roy in 1815 in Kolkata (then Calcutta). They used to conduct debate and discussion sessions on philosophical topics, and also used to promote free and collective thinking and social reform.

What was the aim of Atmiya Sabha?

In 1814, Raja Ram Mohan Roy formed Atmiya Sabha. Atmiya Sabha tried to initiate social and religious reforms in the society. Raja Ram Mohan Roy campaigned for rights for women, including the right for widows to remarry, and the right for women to hold property.

Who started Atmiya Sabha in Kolkata?

Raja Ram Mohan Roy conceived reformist religious associations as instruments of social and political transformation. He founded the Atmiya Sabha in 1815, the Calcutta Unitarian Association in 1821, and the Brahmo Sabha in 1828 which later became the Brahmo Samaj.

When was Atmiya Sabha founded?

Atmiya Sabha/Founded

Who was the first secretary of Brahmo Sabha?

He was a lieutenant of rammohun roy of whose brahma samaj he became the first secretary. Tarachand Chakravarti was proficient in English as well as Sanskrit, Persian and Hindustani.

Who is called the father of Indian renaissance?

Lokmanya Tilak: Father of the Indian renaissance.

Who founded Dharma Sabha?

Radhakanta Deb
Dharma Sabha was formed in 1830 in Calcutta by Radhakanta Deb. The organization was established mainly to counter the ongoing social reform movements led by protagonists such as Raja Ram Mohun Roy and Henry Derozio.

Who started renaissance in India?

Historians have traced the beginnings of the movement to the victory of the British East India Company at the 1757 Battle of Plassey, as well as the works of reformer Raja Rammohan Roy, considered the “Father of the Bengal Renaissance,” born in 1772.

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