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How much is a cake at Walmart?

How much is a cake at Walmart?

Walmart Bakery Prices

Food Price
Chocolate Fudge Cake,35 oz $8.98
Variety Cake, 44 oz $12.98
Round Chocolate Cake with Icing, 8″ $7.48
1/4 Sheet White Cake with Icing $16.48

How much is a premade cake at Walmart?

Walmart’s preset custom cake options start at $23.98 for a ¼ sheet, $36.98 for a ½ sheet, and $49.98 for a full sheet, with the option to add strawberry or bavarian cream filling for an extra $3.

What kind of cakes Can Walmart make?

Your order will be waiting for you at your local Walmart Bakery.

  • Fully Customizable Sheet Cake. $9.98 – $47.98.
  • Fully Customizable Round Cake.
  • Fully Customizable Cupcakes.
  • Peanut Butter Candy Cookie Cake.
  • Chocolate Chunk Cookie Cake.
  • Chocolate Candy Cookie Cake.
  • Brownie Cake.
  • The Mandalorian The Child Licensed Kit Sheet Cake.

How do you order cakes from Walmart?

How To Order a Cake From Walmart. Now that you are well informed and ready to order your special cake, simply fill out the Walmart cake order form and turn it into your nearest Walmart Bakery department. To ensure your order will be ready, give them a 24 hour advance. For larger orders you might have to give them more time.

How do you order a custom cake from Walmart?

Ordering a custom cake from Walmart is not difficult and all you need to do is to complete Walmart bakery cake order form and bring it to your neighbourhood Walmart bakery store. Make sure to place your order at least twenty-four hours beforehand in order to ensure that the cake you ordered is available.

Does Walmart do custom cakes?

The Walmart Bakery is part of Walmart and is found in all of their locations. The Walmart Bakery offers breads, breakfast pastries and custom cakes.

Are Walmart cakes good?

While you may realize Walmart as one of the biggest retail store chains in the world, and a frequent visitor for your grocery need, you may not realize that they have some of the best bakes good! Especially Walmart Cakes are some of the best cakes you will get anywhere, and you don’t have to pay the high prices that are more common with the regular bakery.

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