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Is MV Columbus being scrapped?

Is MV Columbus being scrapped?

MV Columbus was a cruise ship. She was built by Chantiers de l’Atlantique, at their shipyard in Saint-Nazaire, France, and launched in 1988 as Sitmar Fair Majesty….MV Columbus.

In service 1989-2020
Out of service 2020
Identification Call sign: C6CP4 IMO number: 8611398 MMSI number: 311000535
Fate Scrapped in Alang

Where is the MV Columbus?

The vessel is yet to be beached and is currently at Alang’s outer anchorage,” said a senior official from Gujarat Maritime Board (GMB) on Tuesday. The vessel has been recently named as ‘MV Colus’.

Where is CMV Columbus now?

Since December 23, it remains anchored in Saronic Gulf, off Port Eleusis (West Attica, Greece). CMV Columbus ship’s AIS transmitted for the last time on April 12, 2021 (at 11:20 UTC) showing the vessel at anchorage near Alang.

Who has bought CMV Columbus?

Marios Iliopoulos
The Columbus was sold at auction in the fall for just over $5 million to Marios Iliopoulos of Seajets, who is believed to be buying surplus cruise as an investment looking to charter or resell them as the industry rebounds.

Who owns the Astoria Cruise ship?

Specifications of CMV Astoria

Year built 1948 / Age: 73
Building cost USD 150 million
Owner Nina SpA
Operator CMV (Cruise and Maritime Voyages)
Speed 19 kn / 35 kph / 22 mph

What happened Ocean Village?

Designed to offer an alternative cruise experience, Ocean Village was founded by P&O Princess Cruises, which later merged with Carnival Corporation to form Carnival Corporation & plc….Ocean Village (company)

Type Subsidiary
Fate Brand discontinued
Headquarters Southampton, Hampshire , UK
Products Cruises
Parent Carnival Corporation & plc

Who owns the Astoria cruise ship?

Has CMV been sold?

CMV had a total of six ships in its fleet when it ceased trading in July 2020, and also had plans for two new ships to enter its service in 2021. Now, five of CMV’s ships have been put up for sale by auction, with the sale being brokered by CW Kellock & Co. Each vessel reportedly being sold under a separate deal.

Who owns Seajets Greece?

Greek ropax operator Marios Iliopoulos has taken his spending on, acquiring six cruise ships for an estimated outlay of between $65m and $70m. The flamboyant Piraeus-based owner has just purchased his fifth and sixth cruise ship in four months.

Who owned ambience cruise ship?

Ambassador Cruise Line
MS Ambience is a cruise ship owned as of 2021 by Ambassador Cruise Line. Ordered by Sitmar Cruises, she was delivered to Princess Cruises in 1991 by the Fincantieri shipyard in Monfalcone, Italy as Regal Princess and sailed on their North American routes.

Who is the owner of the MV Columbus?

MV Columbus, in later part of its journeys, was the flagship of CMV-Cruise Maritime Voyages, now defunct and operated out of homeport in Tilbury-London, the United Kingdom. In the year 2020, it was auctioned and was later bought by Cyprus-based shipping firm Seajets, which sold it for scrap.

Where is the CMV Columbus cruise ship located?

CMV Columbus current location is at Indian Coast (coordinates 21.41595 N / 72.25413 E) cruising en route to ALANG. The AIS position was reported 14 minutes ago. CMV Columbus cruise ship was launched in 1988 as “FairMajesty”.

Where was the MV Columbus sold for scrap?

The ship was bought by SeaJets, but due to the ship aging and other problems, SeaJets sold her for scrap in Alang. She was beached in Alang, India for scrap on 12 April 2021.

What was the sale price of the CMV Columbus?

(October 12) The 31-year-old CMV Columbus was sold to Seajets Ferries Greece for USD 5,321 million. (October 15) The 33-year-old CMV Astor was sold to an undisclosed buyer (sales price USD 1,71 million) who intends to resell it for scrap metal.

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