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What is the rank of Pakistan in export?

What is the rank of Pakistan in export?


List World Ranking Notes
Exports 70/224 31.52 billion US dollars
Imports 51/224 53.11 billion US dollars
Index of Economic Freedom 152/178
GDP (nominal) per capita 181/213 1260 US dollars

What is the export rate of Pakistan?

Data are in current U.S. dollars. Pakistan exports for 2020 was $25.26B, a 10.29% decline from 2019….Pakistan Exports 1960-2021.

Pakistan Exports – Historical Data
Year Billions of US $ % of GDP
2019 $28.15B 10.12%
2018 $28.22B 8.97%
2017 $25.15B 8.26%

What are the top 10 exports of Pakistan?

Top 10 Export Goods

HS Code Export USD$
(52) Cotton $3,242,493,094
(61) Apparel: Knit $3,019,862,818
(62) Apparel: Non Knit $2,806,215,766
(10) Cereals $2,368,645,352

What Pakistan exports the most?

Searchable List of Pakistan’s Most Valuable Export Products in 2020

Rank Pakistan’s Export Product 2020 Value (US$)
1 Linens $3,257,631,000
2 Rice $2,101,268,000
3 Men’s suits, trousers (not knit or crochet) $2,088,121,000
4 Yarn (85%+ cotton) $805,035,000

What did Pakistan export in 2019?

Main commodities of exports during March, 2019 were Knitwear (Rs. 29,960 million), Readymade garments (Rs. 29,909 million), Bedwear (Rs. 26,335 million), Cotton cloth (Rs.

What is Pakistan’s main export?

The major exports of Pakistan include textiles, leather and sports goods, chemicals, carpets, and rugs. Meanwhile, Pakistan also exports significant quantities of rice, sugar, cotton, fish, fruits, and vegetables.

What are the major exports of Pakistan in 2018?

During 2018, a global survey revealed that the highest revenue-generating exports of Pakistan included linens, unstitched/stitched, and none-crocheted/crochet men’s suits, rice, cotton yarn, and woven fabrics, embroidered dress patterns, leather products, along with a slew of related accessories, and finally, ethyl alcohol.

How much money does Pakistan export to China?

UPDATE (May 6, 2021): Pakistan recorded a nearly 70% increase in exports to China in the first quarter of 2021, according to a tweet by Moin ul Haque, Pakistan’s ambassador to China. “Impressive figures of Pakistan’s exports to China in 1st quarter of year 2021. $888 million as compared to 2020′ Q1 $526 million.

Where does Pakistan send most of its goods?

Pakistan shipped another 20.2% worth of goods to North America. Smaller percentages went to Africa (6.3%), Oceania led by Australia (1.24%) then Latin America excluding Mexico but including the Caribbean (1.18%).

How many types of mangoes does Pakistan grow?

Pakistan annually grows 110 diverse kinds of mangoes, among which the most notable are Chaunsa, Sindhri, Langra, Dasehri, Anwar Ratool, Saroli, Toota Pari, Fajri, Neelum, Almas, Sanwal, and Desi. Iran, China, the Middle East, Japan]

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