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Who are Flagstone savings?

Who are Flagstone savings?

Cash Savings is provided by Flagstone Investment Management Limited (“Flagstone” or “the Company”) which is a UK registered and Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulated technology business (Reference Numbers 676754 and 605504). Flagstone is registered as a limited company in England and Wales No. 08528880.

What is flagstone account?

The Flagstone platform allows users to open multiple deposit accounts and spread their money around using just one application. Flagstone has partnerships with 37 banks and is one of the largest in a new breed of savings platforms. It offers a variety of easy access, notice and fixed-term savings accounts.

How does Flagstone make money?

Flagstone charges a fee of between 0.15% and 0.25% p.a. based on the total value of a client’s account. Additionally, a one-off Administration Fee is charged to set-up a new client account on the platform. At the end of each tax year, Flagstone will provide you with a summary of interest earned.

What are cash platforms?

What are cash savings platforms? Cash savings platforms are like savings supermarkets, where savers have a single log in and then pick and choose which products (from those available at that time) they want to buy. With these platforms, you fill in your details once and then decide where you want to save.

Is Raisin protected by FSCS?

The UK banks on Raisin’s platform are all covered by FSCS protection up to £85,000. Raisin includes one non-UK bank, AgriBank of Malta, although this is covered by an equivalent Maltese scheme up to €100,000 or its Sterling equivalent. Read more about the FSCS here.

What is an active savings account?

With Active Savings, you’ll no longer have the hassle of opening, closing and transferring your savings between different banks and building societies. Once your account is open, you can pick and mix savings products from a range of banks and building societies, without ever having to fill in another form.

What is a savings platform?

A savings platform is an online savings hub that gives you access to a wide choice of savings accounts from a range of banks and building societies in order to maximise the interest you earn, via a single website or ‘hub’.

Is octopus cash safe?

Octopus Cash helps savers get a better interest rate on their cash, without the hassle of regularly switching banks. We spread funds across multiple partner banks, which maximises the protection they get from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

Is fast cash investment legit?

”FAST CASH INVESTMENT” This is a platform where you invest and get paid your double investment in less than 45mins. The platform is 100% genuine and legit, no scam here.

How can I set up a flagstone savings account?

You become a client and fund your Flagstone account. You select multiple banks and deposit accounts to place your savings. No need for individual bank savings accounts. Just one single Flagstone account. Simple. You can place and move your deposits between selected banks – all online.

How does the FSCS work with flagstone bank?

Using Flagstone’s secure online platform, you can quickly and easily spread your money across different banks and building societies and, if eligible, receive the FSCS protection of £85K each time (£170K for joint accounts). Ongoing access to exclusive and market-leading interest rates empowers you to maximise the interest income from your cash.

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