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Who is responsible for the MRT system in Singapore?

Who is responsible for the MRT system in Singapore?

Singapore’s MRT infrastructure is built, operated, and managed in accordance with a quasi- nationalised operating framework, in which the lines are constructed and the assets owned by the Land Transport Authority, a statutory board of the Government of Singapore.

What do you mean by means test in Singapore?

The term means testrefers to an investigative process undertaken to determine whether or not an individual or family is eligible to receive certain types of benefits from the government. The “test” can consist of quantifying the party’s income, or assets, or a combination of both. From Singapore Ministry of Health FAQ (accessed 23 Nov 09):

Which is the easternmost MRT station in Singapore?

Changi Airport station, the easternmost station on the MRT network, has the widest platform in any underground MRT station in Singapore. In 2011, it was rated 10 out of 15 most beautiful subway stops in the world by BootsnAll. Various features have been incorporated into the design to make the station aesthetically pleasing to travellers.

What is the purpose of a means test?

Means-test is a method to calculate the subsidies you will receive from the government when you use care services. It ensures that patients from lower-income households receive more subsidies than those from higher-income households.

What is the mass rapid transit system in Singapore?

The Mass Rapid Transit system, referred to in common parlance as the MRT, is a rapid transit system that constitutes the bulk of the railway network in Singapore, spanning—with the exception of the forested core and the island’s rural northwest —the length and breadth of the city-state ‘s main island.

Who are the operators of the train system in Singapore?

The train system is currently run by two public transport operators – SMRT Corporation Ltd (SMRT) and SBS Transit (SBS). SMRT operates the North-South Line, East-West Line, Circle Line, Thomson-East Coast Line and the Bukit Panjang LRT. SBS operates the North East Line and the Downtown Line, and the Sengkang-Punggol LRT.

Where can I buy SPDR ETF in Singapore?

The prospectuses in respect of the offer of the units (the “Units”) in the SPDR® Straits Times Index ETF and SPDR® S&P 500 ETF Trust (the “Funds”) are available and may be obtained upon request from State Street Global Advisors Singapore Limited (“SSGA”, Company Registration number: 200002719D).

What do you need to know about SPDR Gold Shares?

SPDR Gold Shares are intended to offer investors a means of participating in the gold bullion market without the necessity of taking physical delivery of gold, and to buy and sell that interest through the trading of a security on a regulated stock exchange.

When is Bukit Timah MRT station to be fitted out?

SINGAPORE – A stretch of Bukit Timah not currently serviced by the MRT will see its long empty MRT station fitted out and one step closer to being operational by 2025, after the Land Transport Authority (LTA) tasked JSM Construction Group to work on it for $34.3 million on Thursday (Jan 14).

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