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Do you need building regs for a timber frame extension?

Do you need building regs for a timber frame extension?

Do you need planning permission for timber framed extensions? The use of timber as a construction material in itself does not affect the need for planning permission. All timber used for oak framed buildings will have the load bearing capacity and fire resistance required by law for construction.

What foundations are required for a timber frame construction?

Strip foundations are by far the most common type of foundations used for timber frame buildings. These consist of a continuous, level strip of concrete as a base for a linear construction such as a wall or row of oak joists. A three course layer of bricks should then be laid on top of the strip below floor level.

Are timber frame houses good in Ireland?

A timber-frame house which is well designe and built to building regulations, is as durable as a masonry house and will not collapse in Irish conditions or reflect a lower price on the open market. Both build types have a 60-year design life and the big issue with timber is rot . Rot requires damp.

Is it cheaper to build a timber frame extension?

Is a Timber Frame Extension Cheaper to Build? Generally, yes. The cost of a timber frame extension is accepted as being less than a traditionally-built extension primarily because there are fewer labour hours involved.

How long does a timber frame extension last?

Many manufacturers will guarantee that any of their construction timber has a lifespan of up to 40 years.

What’s wrong with a timber-framed house?

Disadvantages of Timber frame: They’ll rot – The timber used in modern timber frame home designs are all pressure treated with preservative. So unless they end up resting in water you should be fine. Of course the risk of rot is greater with timber frame than cavity construction.

Can you put an extension on a timber frame house?

Timber frame is a very flexible construction method. There are infinite design possibilities. It’s possible to create large, open plan extensions with vaulted ceilings and to show off the beams.

Can a timber frame house be built in Ireland?

The team at Timber Frame Ireland offer a wealth of knowledge and experience in the construction of timber frame houses. We cover one-off self builds to large scale property developments throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland. Our airtight, pre-insulated panels ensure compliance with SEAI’s Part L regulations – we’re also nZEB compliant.

Which is the best timber frame company to use?

TTFC are at the forefront of off-site manufacturing, offering a Modular Panel System in addition to our Hybrid Panel System and Timber Frame System. TTFC can offer you a cost effective, high quality timber frame system. With over 20 years’ experience, we can offer a complete service from design through to installation.

What are the building regulations for a house?

The regulations require that space and water heating systems in dwellings be energy efficient, with efficient heat sources and effective controls. More specifically oil or gas fired boilers must achieve a minimum seasonal efficiency of 90%.

Which is the leading passive house builder in Ireland?

One of the leading Passive House builders in Ireland, we have the experience and understanding about the reality of what is involved in actually achieving such a high standard of performance. We are specialist Timber Frame Builders with our manufacturing facility based in Cork.

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