What is a single compartment sink?

What is a single compartment sink?

1 Compartment sinks are great for washing utensils, dishes and other wares by hand. While there are 1 compartment sinks that have no drainboard at all, most come with a single drainboard on one side or the other for stacking clean or dirty dishes, utensils or pots/pans.

What is a commercial prep sink?

Prep Sink. Your prep sink’s primary purpose is to keep your food safe. Prep sinks help prevent cross-contamination and act as a great out-of-the-way place to wash vegetables, rinse food, drain colander items, and anything else that requires your food to touch water.

What are the 3 compartments of a sink?

3 Compartment Sink Order

  • Sink 1 = Wash.
  • Sink 2 = Rinse.
  • Sink 3 = Sanitize.

Is a prep sink required?

A food prep sink is required for washing of food. It needs to have a self-draining 18” side drain board. Prep-sinks cannot be used for hand washing or mop washing.

What is the purpose of a prep sink?

Prep sinks are a vital component of any kitchen that prepares its own made-from-scratch salads, fruit dishes and vegetarian meals. When used properly, sinks play an important role in properly washing dirt and other contaminants from food before preparation.

Do I need a 3 compartment sink?

Every food service establishment must have either a 3-compartment sink or a properly functioning commercial dishwasher to operate legally. While a commercial dishwasher is acceptable, a 3-compartment sink is highly encouraged because it can be used for dish washing if the dishwasher ever failed to operate properly.

Can you wash your hands in a 3 compartment sink?

No. A 3-compartment sink cannot be used for hand washing. Hand-washing sinks are required for hand washing.

How many sinks do you need in a café?

As a general rule we will request a minimum of one double sink in the kitchen of a small café, takeaway or restaurant for the cleaning and disinfection of equipment.

Is a prep kitchen worth it?

It’s worth noting that if you’re desiring a light, airy kitchen with few wall cabinets, having a prep kitchen may be the key to making that all work. You can offset the loss of storage and counter space in the main kitchen by creating an adjacent prep kitchen.

Should I have a second sink in my island?

If you have a kitchen with an island, it may be the ideal location for a second sink. Islands are often the primary area for preparing and serving meals. A prep sink is very versatile and provides a convenient source of water for cooking, drinking and cleaning up.

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