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How much hit does an enhance shaman need TBC?

How much hit does an enhance shaman need TBC?

Hit Rating (Past 9%) – Due to dual-wielding, Enhancement Shamans need to reach a total of 28% Hit Chance to eliminate the chance that their auto-attacks will miss.

How do you play enhancement shaman on TBC?

TBC Enhancement Shaman Rotation

  1. Maintain. Water Shield. .
  2. Windfury Weapon. on both of your weapons.
  3. Strength of Earth Totem. , Mana Spring Totem.
  4. If using the Totem Twisting Build, maintain. Windfury Totem. and.
  5. Cast. Fire Elemental Totem. before.
  6. Sync your weapon attacks (details below).
  7. Cast. Shamanistic Rage.
  8. Cast. Stormstrike.

What shaman spec is best for leveling TBC?

Leveling as a Elemental Shaman As a caster class, Elemental Shaman are a great choice if you don’t have access to all the best gear as you’re leveling up, since this spec is less gear dependent than Enhancement. Their ranged spell DPS and toolbox of useful abilities make them viable both for solo questing and groups.

Are shamans good in PvP TBC?

Shamans are viable in all types of PvP and Arena, but they mostly shine in large scale battles, such as the ones found in the 5v5 Arena and Battlegrounds.

Can shamans dual wield in TBC?

1 Shamans are able to dual wield through a lvl 40 Enhancement talent.

What weapons can Shamans use TBC?

Shamans can use Daggers, Axes, Fist Weapons, Staves and Maces, as well as off-hands and totems in the ranged slot. Windfury Weapon proc losses due to its 3-second internal cooldown.

Can shamans use 2H in TBC?

Shamans cannot equip Polearms, 1H or 2H Swords, Thrown Weapons, or Ranged Weapons (Bows, Crossbows, Guns, or Wands).

How long does it take to level to 70 in TBC?

If you have the right class, the right guides, and the right tools, current estimates suggest that you can go from level 60 to 70 in TBC Classic primarily through questing in about 30-40 hours.

Can you level as a resto shaman TBC?

Restoration Shamans are designed to do high healing while providing strong support for their team. This is especially true in TBC, as you get at Level 50 and at Level 64, which will make you an excellent healer for any Protection Paladin, Mage or Warlock group.

Are there any enhancement shaman talents in TBC?

Notable Enhancement Shamans Talents 1. In TBC, the points required for Enhancement Shaman builds force you to decide between going for Elemental sub-spec or Restoration sub-spec. Both options are viable and discussed below in more detail. 1.1. If you were looking for leveling builds, please refer to our leveling guide for Shamans.

What do you need to know about enhancement shamans?

TBC Classic Enhancement Shaman Spec, Builds, and Talents 1 Talent Builds for Enhancement Shamans. In TBC, the points required for Enhancement Shaman builds force you to decide… 2 Notable Enhancement Shamans Talents. The Elemental Tree has some interesting talents, such as Elemental Focus and… 3 Changelog. More

Where do you get enhancement shaman in Burning Crusade?

In The Burning Crusade Classic, Enhancement Shamans must visit a Enhancement Shaman Trainer in order to change their talent tree selections. This process has a cost attached to it, which starts as a small fee but increases every time you perform it, up to a cap of .

Do you need physical hit as enhancement in TBC?

Unfortunately, even though you mostly need Physical Hit as Enhancement, in TBC Draenei Shamans will always provide a 1% Spell Hit aura, which is less than ideal. 3.1. Gemcutting increases your Jewelcrafting skill by 5.

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