Who is Zara Terez?

Who is Zara Terez?

Zara Terez Tisch is the co-founder of Terez, a producer of playful leggings made with pride in the United States. She currently lives in New York City with her husband, David, her two kids, and her three dogs.

Where is Terez made?

New York
Terez is massively popular with the preteen and teen crowd. To be crowned as “cool” by that demographic is no easy feat. Everything, from the creation to the manufacturing to the shipping, is done in the New York headquarters.

How did the Tisch family make their money?

Sisters-in-law Joan Tisch and Wilma “Billie” Tisch and their sons share the family fortune built by their late husbands, investors Preston (known as Bob) and Laurence Tisch. The brothers got their start with a New Jersey hotel in 1946; they acquired Loews Theatres in 1959 and soon diversified.

Who is Lizzie Tisch?

About Lizzie Tisch, a member of Vanity Fair’s International Best-Dressed List Hall of Fame and a Contributing Editor to Town & Country, was a co-founder of the beloved membership based shopping destination, Suite 1521.

Who started Terez?

Zara Terez Tisch
Terez was founded by Zara Terez Tisch. A forever optimist, Zara is a ball of energy with a vibrant creative streak. She believes in embracing life to the fullest. Her middle name ‘Terez’ is very close to her heart because it was created by her mother and is a combination of her two grandmothers’ names.

What does Terez mean?

late summer
t(e)-rez. Origin:Greek. Popularity:24863. Meaning:late summer.

Who is Bonnie Tisch?

Tisch, an alumnus of Suffield Academy and Brown University, is a vice president of the brokerage house of Salomon Brothers. His father is chairman of the Loews Corporation and serves as chairman of the board of trustees of New York University and on the board of the Automatic Data Processing Corporation.

How old is Laurie Tisch?

Laurie Tisch
Born 1950/1951 (age 70–71)
Nationality American
Occupation Investor, Philanthropist
Spouse(s) Donald Sussman (divorced)

Who is Alice Tisch married to?

An alumna of Wellesley College and Columbia University Business School, Alice and her husband, Thomas, have four children. They live in NYC.

Who did Lizzie Tisch marry?

Jonathan Tisch

Jonathan M. Tisch
Nationality American
Education Tufts University
Occupation Businessman
Spouse(s) Laura Steinberg (divorced) Lizzie Rudnick (2007-)

When was Terez founded?

From bright rainbows to metallic stars to leopard print and pink snakeskin, Terez has been a source of fun fitnesswear since it debuted in 2012 with galaxy-printed leggings. Since then, the brand has certainly shot to the stars.

Is Terez a male or female name?


Gender female
Language(s) Hungarian
Name day 5 October
Language(s) Greek

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