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How do you make a high waisted long skirt?

How do you make a high waisted long skirt?


  1. Step 1: Pin and cut the fabric. First, fold the fabric in half.
  2. Step 2: Pleat the skirt.
  3. Step 3: Stitch the sides.
  4. Step 4: Attach the waistband.
  5. Step 5: Insert the zipper.
  6. Step 6: Finish the inside seams and hem.

How do you fix a skirt that is too small in your waist?

How To Alter a Skirt Waist

  1. Add some belt loops and cinch in the waist with a belt.
  2. Add an elastic band to the inside of the waist. This will stop the skirt from falling down, but depending on the style of the skirt, it might not give the best fit.
  3. Sew a new seam.

Do you have to measure waist for maxi skirt?

Since we will be inserting elastic into our waist, the waist will need to be much wider than your actual waist size. For this specific skirt, I like to take the width of the bottom of the skirt and divide it by two to find the waist measurement. That gives the skirt a nice a-line shape and also allows for plenty of ruching around the elastic.

Can a maxi dress be turned into a skirt?

Do you have a maxi dress with neckline or sleeves you abhor and you never wear – do not yet throw it away – you can turn it into a flattering maxi skirt with this lovely tutorial. This is a nice step by step instructions to sew a simple maxi skirt. This is a very detailed tutorial to sew a tiered maxi skirt.

How long does it take to sew a maxi skirt?

Quick maxi skirt in 30 -45 minutes – Can a sewing project be more easy This is a very versatile Classic maxi skirt pattern with directions to make different styles like the offkilter maxi, exposed ruffle maxi and my favourite mismatched maxi. A simple maxi skirt tutorial with a ruffle at the bottom.

What kind of fabric is a maxi skirt made of?

This elegant maxi skirt is made with Jersey fabric and some 1″ thick elastic; The easy instructions in here makes it so easy to replicate her look -the forgiving jersey fabric also helps. Such a romantic skirt with the most pretty and dreamy coloured fabric.

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