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What is a tunable bodhran?

What is a tunable bodhran?

A tunable bodhran has a tuning mechanism to allow you to adjust the skin tension. A tunable drum has the tuning mechanism in the inside. They are lugs pressing on an inner hoop. When the key is turned clockwise, this will make it tighter. Make sure to go crisscross rather than around the circle when tuning.

What is the purpose of the bodhran?

History. Seán Ó Riada declared the bodhrán to be the native drum of the ancient Celts (as did bodhrán maker Paraic McNeela), suggesting that it was possibly used originally for winnowing or wool dying, with a musical history that predated Christianity, native to southwest Ireland.

How are Bodhrans made?

What Is the Bodhran Made Of? A standard Irish frame drum has a wooden frame that is open on one side and topped with a drum head on the other. Traditional Irish bodhran makers fashion their instruments with a goatskin head, while other bodhran makers use different animal skins or synthetic material for the drum head.

How do you tighten a bodhran skin?

Hold the bodhrán for a short time near a low source of heat such as a hairdryer or radiator. Please heat it carefully! As the skin warms up it will first become loose and the tone will drop in pitch. Once you remove it from the heat however, the skin will tighten as it cools and the tone will rise in pitch.

Can you tune a bodhran?

Tuning Down Many players wet their bodhran skins down with water (or sometimes beer!) before they play. This serves to immediately and drastically reduce the pitch of the drum. Depending on how much water is applied, you can tune the bodhran down to its lowest playable note.

How do I clean my bodhran skin?

Taking care of your Bodhran Olive oil, almond oil, bee wax or any other good quality natural oil should be rubbed only on the playing side of the skin. This can be repeated as often as you like. Rub it on, leave it soak in for a couple of minutes and then wipe off the excess.

What is the best bodhran for beginners?

Top 5 Best Beginner Bodhrans

  • Bodhran Styles. Traditional Style Bodhran. Modern Style Bodhran.
  • Why You Should Choose a Tunable Bodhran.
  • Meinl FD14IBO 14 inch Tunable Bodhran.
  • Roosebeck 16 inch Tunable Bodhran.
  • Waltons 18 inch Tunable Bodhran.
  • Remo ET4514-81 14 inch Tunable Bodhran.
  • Meinl FD18BO 18 inch Tunable Bodhran.

What kind of drum is the bodhran drum?

The bodhrán is the iconic Irish drum, one of a small select family of Celtic instruments that is stated to pre-date Christianity. Ireland has a deep-rooted and rich musical heritage we are very familiar with. But how much do we really know about this distinctive Irish drum?

What’s the difference between a bodhran and a tabor?

A bodhrán is essentially a cross between a tambourine and a drum, and there are studies into the resemblances between the tabor, tambourine, and the bodhrán as they all have very similar designs. A bodhrán consists of a circular frame with a skin stretched over one face.

What kind of cross is on a bodhran?

-Deluxe & Tuneable Bodhrans now have leather covered cross pieces for your playing comfort On an old Franciscan Monastery in Roundstone, developed by the Industrial Development Authority , Malachy Kearns, better known as Malachy Bodhrán amongst folk musicians, works at his craft of making Ireland’s oldest product the Bodhrán (Bow-Rawn).

How is the skin of a bodhran made?

The skins are treated in hydrated lime mixed with ingredients that are the closely guarded secret of every Bodhrán Maker. They are soaked for 7-10 days in a solution of lime sulphide which softens the skin, de-hairs it and dissolves the fatty tissue. Sometimes the skin is buried in manure. It is finally stretched under tension onto a Birch frame.

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