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What are some good topics to write an opinion article on?

What are some good topics to write an opinion article on?

150 Opinion Essay Topics Divided by Subject

  • Should minors vote?
  • Law should be equal for everyone.
  • Gun control is political control instrument.
  • Is United States foreign policy efficient?
  • Ways that help eliminate corruption.
  • Political leaders should rely on technology.
  • Should government control religious practices?

What are some topics you can argue about?

Argumentative Essay Hot Topics

  • Should abortion be banned?
  • Should animal testing be stopped?
  • Is the #metoo movement a good thing?
  • Should manufacturers be responsible for the effects of the chemicals used in the creation of their products?
  • Should illegal immigrants be granted residency?
  • Is there a fake news problem?

How do you write a controversial topic?

So, for those kindred spirits, here are some tips on how to write—and perhaps cope with having written—something controversial.

  1. Offend with Purpose.
  2. Ask Yourself “Why”
  3. Write with Love.
  4. Write the Truth.
  5. Be Balanced.
  6. 3 Secrets to Great Storytelling.
  7. 5 Ways to Increase Conflict in a Story.

Who are the columnists for the New York Times?

Julie Brown’s “Perversion of Justice” is a reminder of how much local news matters. Not so fast, you enablers scurrying for the exits! Saving the planet is more important than free-trade mysticism.

What should be the topic of a column?

*Columns in the Guide should aim to tell stories over philosophizing about or analyzing a topic. Stories can be personal, cultural or historical. Food, culture and politics: “Political Digest” by Katie Berk and David Chardack Past themes include global economic issues and statistics.

What do sports columnists do for a living?

Sports columnists have the opportunity to delve into deeper analyses of team strategy, unpack the rivalries and controversies within the worlds of both professional and collegiate athletics, make predictions on future trades and match ups and comment on the relationship between sports and popular/social culture.

What are the past themes of this column?

Past themes include fantasy football, professional soccer, D.C. area professional sports and men’s college basketball.

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